PUBG 3rd-Anniversary Skins Announcement

The next era of PUBG is just starting soon as at the 23rd march pubg is officially three years old and at the delightful occasion the developers will give some classy gift to the players all around the world but those skins are for limited time period then will disappeared.

You can enjoy theastounding skinsfor a limited time for sure. In this article you will guide you that how can you earn the 3rdanniversaryskins so stay tuned with us

Three skins in total became the winner

  • M416 skins by @DY_BUDDY from China
  • Parachute skin by @SEB34627111 from EMEA region
  • Hoodie skin by @KARAAGEKUN_KEI from Japan

How To Get 3rd Anniversary Skins

          As it was discussed in the blog that there is a short period of time for the players to get the skins and they use it for only limited duration the skins were released from 23 March to 23 April and during this period of time you can grab those skins.

Console players can grab those skins on 25 or 26 march 2020 onwards  so everyone is waiting for these crazy anniversary skins.

You can get those skins through the game store store and and this pack does not cost any currency or coins

Simply you logged in the game and collect the third anniversary gifts via the game store.

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