PUBG Mobile Updates New Season

About Update:

With the traverse of time PUBG MOBILE updates itself more accurately as of his, every up-gradation brings surprising changes like dynamic outfits, events, new maps, and crazy Hot drops. Every season new Royal Pass with all of its new amazing features gives a new and damn cool look to the game.

More new features are introduced in this season that we are going to discuss keep in touch with us for every new updates and News about this dramatic game.

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Metro Royal Mode and Guide

Have you try the dramatic combat gameplay of PUBG MOBILE x Metro. A new game mood had just released named Metro RoyalPvPvE mode with the exclusive new all the features where you can earn and buy everything that you want in the mood and new maps are also released.

The gameplay started like you have to survive and collect the precious object from all over the maps and also kill the enemies and steal their language from them and then sell those object to the market and you can buy anything whatever you want.

You have to find a handsome amount of objects from the map in every gameplay and then buy guns and other things from it. Daily rewards are also available in this mood where you can collect rewards on the daily basis. Surely you will enjoy it a lot during the gameplay because it brings some new changes to the game.

Let’s have some  discussion  about their Maps , Availability and many other things.


Two maps were introduced in the Metro Royal and both are quite different from one another .names are Old Blockade Zone, Frontline Confrontation. Old Blockade Zone seems like an advanced map it can be opened when you reached level 8 in the mood.

The main difference between both is the addition of the Radiation Zone- this is the zone where more valuable loot occupied also with more enemies if you want to win this step you have to practice well.


As we know it’s right now, the new mod will remain until 11 January, by the time it upgrades to the new stage likely some new maps, equipment, and story elements also included.

How to Play and Survive In the Metro Royal

First of all, you have to update your PUBG MOBILE and then upgrade the Metro Royal after that you are going to enter the era of this game where the rules are different and the players are also different when the mode getting started a girl came across and told you about the game after the game will start.

In the first step, you with your squad entered the game and it seems pretty different than the other map enemies are on the next level in the game.

As you started playing the game some kind of bots are come to tackle you but when you going to be old in the game it becomes a bit tougher because in the last zones enemies are too dangerous.

The things you must do to survive in the last battle is that to keep your health bosted like hundred percent and also taken the dangerous weapons for the sharp enemies and you have to take the fight in cover because if there is no cover around you enemies can easily point out you and then finished you.

So always try to follow these simple things

Playing instruction:

  • In the last zone always keep your health bosted and try to stay in the covers.
  • Always try to not rush if you are solo because it increase the chances of your defeat.
  • Use smokes and gernades in the last zone
  • Prefire if you observe any hearing near you
  • Always use high damage guns in the last zone because they damage rapidly  the enemy

Following these steps will surely help to the win the PUBG MOBILE Metro Royal mode.

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