How to Install APK on Android

What are APK  files

 This is an Andriod Package file that works to distribute applications on the Google operating system and it is connected with the APK file extension.

The files are saved in the Zip format and then directly downloaded to Android devices, This is a helpful method for the apps that can’t be installed through Google Play Store APK file included Classes. dex, resources. arsc file, AndroidManifest.xml, res folder, and META-info

Almost All APK Require These instructions to Download any APK Files like.
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How to open the APK file

APK files are downloaded on different operating system here few are discussed below:

Opening  File on Andriod

APK files are downloaded outside of the Google Play Store not be installed in the proper way just because  of the security issue

To overcome this problem download the APK file from an unknown source navigate to these menus.

  • Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access> install unknown apps
  • Settings > Apps and Notifications
  • Settings > Security

Surely it will help but out of nowhere by chance if the APK file does not open you might be used to use these browsers for it with a file manager like Astro File Manager or ES file explorer file manager

Opening an APK file on Mac.

There is a Google Chrome extension which is named ARC WELDER it is usually used for testing the android apps for the Chrome OS but is mainly works on any OS.

You can open any APK on your Mac or your window if you have added this to your Chrome Browser.

Opening an APK file on IOS

  Opening an APK file on an iPhone or IPAD is not a good idea because of some issues it can’t be opened on IOS both platforms have far different from each other.

Extracting the APK files

APK files can easily be opened on your android, windows macOS, or any other desktop via a file extractor tool.

You can simply unzip the file through a program like 7-Zip and PeaZip. This is like a simple method you don’t need any rocket science just need to follow simple steps throughout.

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