The official PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS APK specially outlined for mobile. You can play this game at any time anywhere. PUBG MOBILE presents the extreme free-to-play action on mobile .gear up, drop-in, and finish.

One hundred players survive in the classic battles fast-paced 4v4 team Deathmatch Zombie modes and payload mode. The only key to win the fight is survival. There be only one winner in the game whom who survived and takes the chicken dinner via Pubg mobile apk 

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  FREE ON MOBILE- This game is powered by Unreal Engine 4. Paly console featured gaming on the go. This can also provide jaw-dropping HD graphics 3D sound. The featuring of the game is enormous it includes training modes mobile control and voice over. War modes are also enabled in the game, where you can see the craze of the fight is at its peak.

METRO ROYAL mode is now available in PUBG MOBILE. You can check out and enjoy the fun !!

New Environment arrived!

-This is based on Erangle , a completely new ground with all exciting new combat features .you can collect different materials from the ground and then sell them and win additional prizes. dangerous places also included in this Map

New Function 

Simply lightweight installation! which includes 610 MB size, which automatically works on your mobile phones.

Black pink is also coming soon to PUBG.


It includes different features whenever the new update makes an appearance. The best part of this game is that at every next step, there are exciting things. Basic things which are embrace are!

Classic mode

Classic mode mainly consists of 5 maps included, but there are bright chances of its increasing as the game upgrading in the future. In this mode, the game is a long bit. Each Map contains a full 25 minutes game. Some of them have a short period. Maps are! there are most crazy in mod pubg mobile

1 Erangle

2 livik

3 Sanhok

4 Miramar

5 Vikendi 

Arcade Mode

Arcade mode has different features than the Classic method mostly this mode is used for training purposes in this mode the game is too short and much crispy because of the sharp limit of time. The main twist of this mode is war mode, where the player can improve his game fastly

The three main modes are!

1 War MODE

2 Quick Match

3 Snipper Traning


Mainly Evo ground mode is the new update of the pubg, and this mode contains dynamic features that can be happening in any other manner. This model includes the latest features of the PUBG MOBILE 

1 Payload 2.0 

This Map has the latest blasting machines includes jet helicopters, drones, and many others.


The arena is the most surprising mode of PUBG MOBILE apk as it consists of small Maps and hard fights are so insane players rush on each other hard, and the movements are incredible.

Maps quantity increased whenever the new update or new season appears. Currently, Maps are

1 Team Death Match

2 Arena Traning 

3 Gun Game 

4 Domination  


Training mode is the best mode as every player thought because in this mode the players can polish their skills, movements, reflexes and many other things you can practice in the mode all day no one can stop you the other thing is that all guns already appear in the ground 

As the new update come, this mode also upgrades and is converted into CHEER PARK. Now you can join the training room and also can challenge the opponent for a 1v1 match in the training room.

Other Modes   


PUBG MOBILE game mode is free for all. You can kill everyone and win the game aggressively. If you played the solo mode, then you will be against all the 99 players and have to kill everyone to win the match. sometimes its become a bit hard to win in solo vs squad because where you have to fight carefully one a little mistake and you are out of the game


For this mode, you have to play with another person to survive until the game’s last zone.


The squad is a gameplay type where you can organize your teams and entered the battles. If you are playing with a squad, there are fewer chances of your defeat. There is a simple phenomenon of PUBG where you can join with 2, 3, or 4 players at your will

Squads mainly consist of four players, or it is up to you. if you prefer to play alone, it can be, and you can take the whole match.


PUBG MOBILE APK  will be matched independently (Solo) (Duo) (Squad). For a typical example, the Duos cannot be compared with Solo cavalcade .for these modes they use (FPP) and (TPP) servers with 1st person being optional to be toggled. 



You play ranked servers to increase up within the leaderboard to watch the highest total ELO coexistent wins in the match or the highest kills during the game.

For more Questions, read (FAQs) LINK


                   Unranked is mostly for the players who want to learn the game and trying to not losing

  Your ELO ranking in ranked servers.

What are Custom Games

Custom games are dedicated servers for PUBG MOBILE  APK players that you can play with your partner whatever you want .they can use their favorite guns and select their favorite Map and can play whatever they want. 

They can control every setting that they want to enable or disable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 Q: Is this game 64 bit or 32bit?

Ans: This is a 64 bit

2 Q: What type of anti-codes does PUBG use on Pc?

Ans: PUBG used three types of anti-codes on Pc 1) battle eye 2) Their own created anti-cheat 3) Unknown.

3 Q: Linux or Apple?

Ans: There are just not enough Linux players. The same is true for the Mac. we do not have enough resources at the moment

4 Q: What is the engine of the game?

Ans: It is running on Unreal Engine 4.

5 Q:  Is this game is official?

Ans: Yes! Gamepedia partnered with PUBG


Ans: This is PLAYERUNKNOWN’S first standalone game.

7 Q: how much does the game cost?

Ans :  $29.99 (PlayStation)  / $29.99 (Xbox) / $29.99 (Steam)

8 Q: What are PUBG HACKS?

Ans: PUBG Hacks are basically allowed the cheaters to do some extraordinary tricks like they jump so high than other players and they can kill easily other players by seeing through the walls and obstacles. The Hacks of PUBG are increasing day by day

PUBG MOBILE is working on it to control these kinds of hacks and cheats.

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