How to Take ScreenShots on Mac(Shortcut keys)

Describing the Method.

Taking a screenshot on mac is not difficult, there are various option to take screenshots on mac.

So you can capture, the screen, window, or any specific selection. so before we talk about that how one can take a screenshot, firstly we want to discuss its various benefits.

  • Taking a screenshot is a very easy way to share data or any important moment with your friends and followers.
  • It means whatever you seeing on the screen is a type of error, then you can capture this and send it to tech support.
  • So it is very useful for many purposes.
  • Knowing that how to edit a screenshot will save you lots of important time.
  • The basic function of screenshots is to create image files of different contents, these contents are hard to convert to jpg, png, and other image files at the moment.
  • Screenshot basically is the way in which you can transfer data to your report quickly without having to worry that how the image will appear on your report.
  • There are different ways in which you can take screenshots on your MacBook.
  • If you knew the right keyboard shortcuts but you had to know what you are doing first.

There are different steps to take screenshots on mac, so read them carefully, and then you defiantly able to take correct screenshots.


To capture the entire screen, press command-shift-3 and hold these three keys together. This screenshot will be saved automatically as a PNG file on your desktop with the file name.

Shift –command-4

By using this keyboard shortcut, you can capture the selected portion. and then a cross-hair cursor will appear and you can click and drag to select the area you wish to capture.

So when you release the button the screenshot will be automatically saved as PNG file on your desktop.

Another point is that by holding down the shift option or space bar you can change the shape size and position of the selected area.

Shift –command-5

This is a new shortcut command introduced in macOS Mojave 2018, this combination calls up a small panel at the bottom of the display with your screen capture option. so to take a screenshot of a specific window or menu press  shift-command-5. After pressing it pointer will change into a camera icon.

Then you can move the camera icon over the window to highlight it, then click to save as an image as a png file on your desktop.


This shortcut is used to take a screenshot on Mac with a touch bar, so by pressing by pressing this image will be saved as a png file on your desktop.

Frequently asked questions

How do you take a screenshots on mac and where it is saved?

By pressing the shortcut  Shift-command-3, you can capture the full screen. and this screenshot will be saved automatically as a png file on your desktop.

How to crop a screen shot on mac?

  1. First of all press shift-command-4
  2. Secondly, drag the crosshair and then set the screen capture area.
  3. After this release the mouse or trackpad to crop screenshots on Mac.
  4. And at last the screenshot will be saved to MAC desktop.

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