How To Change Name And Appearance In PUBG Mobile

The official PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS APK specially outlined for mobile. You can play this game at any time anywhere PUBG MOBILE presents extreme free-to-play action on mobile .gear up, drop-in, and finish.

One hundred players survive in the classic battles fast-paced 4v4 team Deathmatch Zombie modes and payload mode. The only key to win the fight is survival. There be only one winner in the game whom who survived and takes the 


How TO Change Your Name

So back to our original problem that how could we change our name in PUBG MOBILE, there is painless method to change your name in the game just you need to follow some simple steps and your name will be changed once a day

Following Steps:

  • Open the app select the main menu (home screen)
  • Select inventory option from the main menu
  • Click the create icon on the right-hand side
  • Tap the rename card (if you have) and click use
  • Enter your name and tap OK

Tip: You can only change your name once per day

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How we Get Rename Card

Another mystery is that how can we get the rename card, there is a method as well to change it so PUBG will already give  you a rename card through the reward and level up in the inventory section

Another hand by your bad luck if you don’t conduct your rename card you can buy it and have to spend 180 UC for it which’s about 4 bucks depending on where are located in the world.

How To Change Appearance

Simple feat you just need to follow up to change your appearance and can change yourself more advance .first thing you have to do is to earn as much as 3K BP  so that you can easily do that task

Follow up the steps if you hava the power:

  • Open the app and tap the main menu
  • Select inventory from the main menu
  • Tap the resect appearance arrows located right side of your character
  • Make the changes that you would like in your character and tap OK
  • Tap Purchase to confirm the amount you wish to spend BP to make the change. The impose amount depends on the change you impulse.

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