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About PUBG 3rd Anniversary

There is a big announcement about PUBG, that PUBG is celebrated its 3rd anniversary on 23rd March, and now officially PUBG is 3 years old.

Before discussion about PUBG we, first of all, thank everyone who supports this game over the last three years. As we all know that PUBG has come a long way since march of 2017, and we absolutely recognize that there is still much to do, and it’s all because of you that we’ve been capable of dynamic little game, and raise it into one of the biggest game.

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So as we all know that this is a very big achievement and it’s all comes with your responsibility. And as you all know that we are working hard this year to achieve better results. And the year 2019the year of taking risks for us., And as you all know that reworking a beloved map like Erangel required a lot of love and care to get right, but we’re satisfied that many of you are pleased with the results.

We also made known our littlest map to date, karakin, which brought a new severity to the PUBG brand of battle Royale. The other thing that supports and crosses these new and revise maps we refined our action systems to allow for scale and track grip incredibly raising the tactical option available to players.

We saw 2019 as a year of making a foundation for PUBG. Now we want to know about the progress that made this game in the last three years. So in this progress, map revises new weapon, mechanics, new maps, and other additional games option such as  Arcade’s team, Deathmatch, and of course elements of life development and bug fixes for some of your most pressing issues.

Now again we thank our all PUBG partners who support this because you all got first attention at the updates. And also there are a big thanks to our people in our community who support  PUBG  and tested out new features and sent it in your feedback.

So this why we add the community skin design in which the members of the community from all our world are added their own skin design to be voted on by you.

So it all means is that celebrating our 3rd anniversary means celebrating you. Another interesting point is that on this anniversary of the game is that PUBG players regain item boxes for free during a limited time period.

SO in which featuring an M416 skin ,parachute, hoodie designed in the  community skin design contest.

Download PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary From Here:

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There is a lot of many new features which are included in this game. And there are many interesting new turns are added. so enjoy all this.


What is new in latest PUBG update

It brings a number of new changes, update 10.2 adds a brand new car, the coupe RB, and tweaks and addition to the popular battle royale game.

HOW do you get PUBG  third anniversary skins

Pc players will get the box first from March 23 to April 23, console players will have the item box added to their account automatically. when they log in between March 26 and April 25.

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