Minecraft Fox Guide, How to Tame a Fox and make New Friend.


About Taming a Fox in Minecraft

Foxes are very pretty and they look friendly, and to tame a fox in Minecraft is not difficult but it is necessary to follow some steps. By following these rules one can be easily tame a fox in Minecraft.

Like other Mine craft animals, there is a little bit difficult to tame it is because foxes can be found moving around the various biomes of Minecraft. There are few general biomes in which commonly foxes are roaming, like snow taiga, Giant tree etc.

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So when a player wants to tame foxes, then it became compulsory that he firstly find their location. Mostly foxes are moving in taiga giant trees, snow taiga, etc. It is founded that Minecraft foxes which are located in snowy biomes have white foxes, but their behavior is the same as foxes found in other biomes. If a player wants to search foxes in the easiest way then he should need to have knowledge about their behavior.

Key Points

  • Mostly they prefer to live in groups. Foxes are quite small. They have lots of energy when they are active.
  • Another important point is that their behavior is different from day to night. Mostly in the daytime foxes are in a sleeping mood. And sometimes they are sitting down. When they are sleeping and if someone awake them, mean if they feel someone is near to them then they will defiantly move to another place.
  • At night time they are more active, foxes mostly target villages at night time.
  • Foxes mostly attack or like to eat rabbits, fishes, chickens, and baby turtles if they’re on land.
  • Foxes also have a habit to hold items that are on the ground and near to them, they move toward that item and pick it up, but they mostly prefer food items.
  • Things that are necessary for a player to known are sweet berry, lead, name tag.

Now there are some steps by following these one can easily tame a fox in mine craft.

  1. Find those foxes which are closer to each other. Then slowly near to them. when you find them make a big wall around them, so the foxes won’t escape.
  2. Once you captured both foxes, then connect them.
  3. After connecting them you need to breed, and after the process, the new baby fox is your new tame fox.
  4. Now you can feed your new baby tame with sweet berries for better growth.
  5. Then this baby tame is not afraid of you.
  6. Feed the baby with more sweet berries until it becomes an adult.
  7. When the baby grew up you tag a name, you should also need to use a lead to take home with your base.
  8. The foxes do not follow you as the wolves so you need a lead.


Finally, you’ve got a tame fox in Minecraft, and you learn about this that how to tame a fox in Minecraft. And by following all steps you should surely have a loyal pet. So now enjoy.

Frequently Asked Question about Tame a Fox

Is it easy to tame a fox

Not easy, but it quit difficult to tame a fox ,because they have a little attention spans.

In Minecraft are tamed foxes follow you

Their behavior is unique, and if the player has knowledge about the tame fox, then it will be easy because once they trust you they differently follow you. They are very loyal companions.

Do tamed wolves attack foxes

Wild wolves will attack foxes, rabbits, sheep, etc but tamed wolves not they only attack mobs’

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