How to Find and Use Name Tag in Minecraft(Secrets)

Use of Name Tag in Minecraft

To use a name tag in Minecraft is not difficult. Actually, in Minecraft, you can give a mob a name with a name tag. Using a name tag in Minecraft is very useful. In this article, we discuss that how to use name tags in Minecraft. A name tag is an item that is actually used to name mobs in the game.

It is very important that when you use a name tag then the main point is that this name must be added with an anvil. It is because if the name is not added with an anvil then it has no effect when used on a mob. Basically, name tags are items that when placed on an NPC and then give them a different name. You can find anvils in most villages.

Choosing a name for an NPC will also ensure they never respawn. It means that renaming a random zombie inside a cave, for instance, will make it stay there forever, regardless of whether you return or leave. A renamed NPC can still die, at which point the Name Tag will be lost.

The Ender Dragon is the only NPC that cannot be renamed. You cannot rename other players.

Name tags aren’t craft-able in “Minecraft.” This one is hard to come by. If you’re not sure where to look, this can take a while. 

If you’re lucky, you can find Minecraft name tags in a few reliable places, trade them one way, or fish for them.

So in this article, we explain to you step by step that how can you use the name tag in Minecraft, so by following these rules you will be able to learn this completely.

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Steps to use a name tag

To use name tag first all we need materials and the required materials is ANVIL and 1name tag

  1. Add the Anvil
  2. First of all, add the Anvil to your Hotbar. Hotbar is an item that you can use .in the next step locate your pointer on the block where you want to place the anvil. By doing this block becomes highlighted.
  3. Actually, the game control to place the anvil depends upon the version of Minecraft.
  4. So there are different versions, let’s explain these versions.
  5. For XBOX one and XBOX360 edition you tap the LT button on the XBOX controller.
  6. For java edition right click on the block.
  7. And for PS3 and PS4 press the L2 button on the ps controller.
  8. For pocket edition, you press on the ZL block.
  9. For Wii U, press on the button.
  10. And for the WINDOW 10 edition right click on the block.
  11. For the education edition, right-click on the block.
  12. And at end of the Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the controller.
  13. Anvil Use

The use of Anvil also depends upon the version of Minecraft.

  • So for the pocket edition, you tap on the anvil.
  • For the PS3 and for PS4 you tap on the L2button on the ps controller.
  • For the java edition, you need to right-click on the anvil.
  • For XBOX360 and for Xbox one you need to press the LT button on the XBOX controller.
  • For Wii U, press the ZL button.
  • For Nintendo press the ZL button on the game controller.
  • And for the education edition right click on the Anvil.

After selecting your edition you will be able to open your anvil. And then you can see the repair and name menu.

Name tag

In this step, you should need to add the name to the name tag Minecraft. To tag a name first of all move the name tag into the first slot. After this, by clicking on the brown box you found the Nametag so then you can add the name.

secrets of Minecraft

In the next step to give a name to your mob delete the word Name tag and then type the name which you want to call your mob. After this, you will see your mob name in the third slot.

TO inventory

in this step you need to move the tag from the third slot into the inventory Hotbar. after this one experience level will be deducted from your experience bar.

how to change the name tag

Treasure chests:

Regardless of the edition of Minecraft you play, you can find Name Tags in the Dungeon, Mineshafts, and Woodland Mansion structures, which will all spawn in your world.

The chances of finding a Name Tag in these chests are about 30 to 40 percent.

Name Tags can also be discovered in a “buried treasure” chest in Bedrock, the console version of Minecraft. The location of buried treasure can be determined by using treasure maps which themselves can be discovered in underwater shipwrecks.


Trekking around for treasure chests may not be your cup of tea. If you have a fishing rod in your inventory, you can find the nearest fishing spot and cast your reel. You can fish in any body of standing water, even if it’s not connected to a river or ocean.

fishing Rods in Minecraft

Even a Name Tag is hard to obtain, much less a treasure. Treasure is five percent likely to be caught, but Name Tags are only 0.8 percent likely. You can increase your chances of finding treasure by adding an Enchanted Book to your fishing pole and an anvil to give it the “Luck of the Sea” fishing.

Trade with a Master Librarian:

To get a Name Tag, you can trade your emeralds for Minecraft Librarian in the villages if you have any emeralds.

Trade 19 or 20 emeralds until the Librarian reaches “Master” status, and you’ll receive a Name Tag.

Name tag on the mob

In this step, you should need to put the name tag on the mob. How to use the name tag also depends upon the version of Minecraft.

  • For pocket edition, you need to press on the tag.
  • For XBOX360, and XBOXone, type the LT button on the XBOX controller.
  • For java, edition click on your tag.
  • For Wii U press the ZL button on the pad.

When you move your pointer you see the name which you give your tag will be appearing.

Finally, you will be able to use the name tag in Minecraft. Congratulation, now you learned all the steps, that how to use the nametag in Minecraft.

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1. What are the steps to making a Rainbow Sheep?

Using a Minecraft name tag you can name a sheep “Jeb” and it will slowly start to change colors. Although the type of wool it drops doesn’t change, it’s still a lot of fun to add to your world.

2.     The mob is upside down, how do I make it?

In the game, naming a mob “Dinnerbone” after one of the creators will turn the mob into an upside-down creature. As normal, the mob will behave, but upside down.

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