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Minecraft is an exploratory game based on crafting. Almost any NPC can be renamed with Name Tags in “Minecraft”, and despawning is prevented using them. It is not possible to craft Name Tags – they must be found randomly or traded for. So I’m going to demonstrate a few types of how to use name tag tricks in Minecraft. So keep reading this post. This method works for any sort of Minecraft.


Essentially, Minecraft name tags allow players to rename any NPC in the game, except for the Elder Dragon. There are tangible benefits of utilizing name tags in Minecraft; They help in personalizing your gaming experience and comfort you when managing multiple mobs in confined spaces. stance addition to renaming your wolf after your real-life pet, you can also name your cattle in order to identify them. stance this is a beneficial feature when managing multiple mobs in a small space. A few exciting easter eggs have also been incorporated, somehow linked to name tags. You might feel interested in trying out some of these Minecraft name tag tricks and easter eggs.


It is impossible to craft a name tag in Minecraft. The only way to get them is to either find them in the wild or purchase them from villagers. It’s not uncommon to find name tags in chests scattered around the realm of Minecraft. It’s also possible to find them while fishing, but the chances are slim. You can purchase Minecraft name tags from master-level librarians for 20 emeralds if you think searching around for them is pointless. It is quite challenging to get name tags, but it is not as difficult to use players, however, can rename their mobs as many times as they wish to want. So, if you feel bored, change things up.


Finding a Minecraft name tag is much easier than using one. To begin with, rename your name tags before heading to the anvils because if you don’t, you’ll be able to use them. The cost, however, varies between PC and console versions of Minecraft, but should not exceed five experience levels.


Top Secret of Minecraft name tag tricks

Step 1:

Taking place on an anvil first

Step 2:

Make a name tag Minecraft and place it inside of the anvil (The Trick Can Only Work If the Name “Dinner bone” Is used).

Step 3:

You can place any animal or mob (it works for monsters too). I used a wolf. (It is much better to use a bone to tame a wolf so it will sit when tamed).

Step 4:

Step 5:

Assign a minecraft name tags to the animal or mob and hold it until “Name” appears on the tag.

Step 6:

Voila, you’re finished with your floating creature, villager, mob.

Step 8:

Step 8:

Step 9:

Using any rideable animal on the PS4 version will put you on that animal’s stomach (this is from the PS4 version only)

Step 10:

The last trick I am going to show you is about rainbow sheep. The program works across all platforms. Steps are the same as last time, except that you’ll have to rename the tag to jeb_

Step 11:

Step 12:

Step 13:

Top Name tag tricks secrets

Minecraft Name Tags: Where to find them

Chests contain Minecraft Nametags. Chest minecarts or dungeon chests contain these items. They can also be found in fishing nets .You can also get name tags for 20 emeralds from Librarian Villagers.

Minecraft name tags: how to use them

Click on the mob or animal with your hand while holding the name tag. You can now give the mob or animal any name you like.

Tricks for Minecraft Name Tags

That’s what name tags are, now you know what they are. Here are some cool Minecraft name tag tricks you’ll ever need.

Dinerbone tag

Let’s start with Dinnerbo   In a Minecraft world, naming a mob Dinnerbone will cause it to flip over. You can walk around with it though. Inverted Minecraft world.

Bunny skin special

The bunny skins are numerous, but when you name a bunny with the name tag Toast, you can get special skin.

The killer bunny trick

The killer bunny attacks you and can cause you to harm if you see him. You can defeat it by naming it toast. The bunny will then act normally. That’s one of the coolest Minecraft name tag tricks.

Boss Mob trick

On boss mobs, name tags can be used. Don’t you just love it? You can turn them upside down by using Dinnerbone name tags.

Trick to predict the future

Lastly, here’s another Minecraft nametag trick.It is known that vindicator is hostile only to players and villagers. You can name them Johnny, and they will be hostile towards all mobs.  So, there you have it, some Minecraft name tag tricks for you.  


So guys here we are going to end. I hope you will know to have complete knowledge of the Minecraft name tag recipe. The step we discussed above will help you a lot. But if you face any problem then comment us below.

Frequently Asked Question:

In Minecraft, what does JEB_ do?

By using a name tag or renamed spawn egg, a sheep named “jeb_” will cycle continuously through all colors available to dye sheep. Shearers, however, shear with shears of the sheep’s original colors rather than the colors present on the sheep at the time of shearing

How many names tags Easter eggs are there?

All mobs named “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” are rendered upside down. A sheep named “jeb_” shows rainbow-colored wool caused by its wool fading between dye colors. As a result of being named “Toast,” a rabbit gains the skin of xyzen420’s girlfriend’s missing rabbit.

In Minecraft, can you name any pigs?

Yeah, but first you have to get a nametag. Only blacksmiths’ chests, dungeon chests, and temples can find them. You can also get one by fishing. Once you’ve renamed the nametag, right-click the pig, and choose your new name.

When naming a villager, how do you do it?

In your anvil’s menu, place the tag in the first slot and select “Name Tag.” Just type in the new name you wish to use for a villager, and take the resultant Name Tag. Renaming a tag requires 5 experience levels.

What size is a name tag?

Tags should have a minimum size of 2.75 inches wide. A 75-inch-high board cannot be cut safely, accurately, and quickly by hand; this is because it is difficult to cut at this size. Nameplates are anything larger than eight square inches.

How do you make a name tag glitch in Minecraft?

I used 2 name tags on my dog on Minecraft bedrock edition and the name didn’t show up, even after quitting the game and restarting it. Just a heads up for anyone about to use their name tags.

How to get name tags in Minecraft from villagers?

  Librarian villages now sell name tags for 20-22 emeralds as their last-tier trade. Any vindicator named Johnny will now be hostile to mobs other than villagers. Name tags have now been added to woodland mansions. Buried treasure chests now contain name tags.  

Nametags are hidden on chests?

On multiplayer servers, player names are not visible through chests or trapped chests. Doesn’t apply to singleplayer. In other words, you can’t see anyone’s nametag through a chest when you place it down.

Name tags are hidden in which blocks?

If you wish to hide your name tag, you can either sneak behind a 2-block tall wall or simply stand behind a wall of chests. Have fun scaring people this Halloween.

Who sells name tags in your village?

Villages of librarians
Master-level librarians trade name tags for 20 emeralds as part of their trade.

What is the process for making a name tag?

Click the Office button at the top left of Microsoft Word, then click New. Enter name tag in the search box and click the search arrow. Browse the templates to find one that best fits your needs.

What is a name tag in Minecraft?

Using a name tag is as simple as holding the item in a player’s hand and right-clicking on the mob. Once that is done, the name is displayed. To rename a mob, hostile or docile, you must rename it with the name tag, then left trigger the mob on a console (e.g. 360, One, and PS). The chosen mob(s) will then display the selected name.

What is the best way to create a Minecraft name?

Install Minecraft on your device. Choose Settings from the menu. Click on your profile picture. Scroll to the top of the list and select Name. To complete the process, enter your new Minecraft name.

What are the names of things in Minecraft?

Track down a monster or an animal. When naming an enemy mob (such as a zombie), take care, but naming an animal like a sheep or cow is harmless. Choose the mob you want to face. If you are holding the name tag, it will place a text box with the phrase of your name tag over the mob’s head.

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