Creating a Snapchat Filter

Snapchat is an application of mobile used for sharing photos, text, drawings, and videos. It’s free to send messages and also free to download the app. It became popular in a very short time among the young generation. There is a feature of this app that makes it different from other texting and pics sharing. it means that the message disappears from the recipient’s mobile after only a few seconds. It opens right to the Snapchat camera, so you can send your snaps(pics/videos) easily in just seconds.

 What is Filter:

 A Snapchat filter is a way of fun to beautify your snaps by adding other particular effects. Filters can be changed on the basis of special events, location, or time of day.

Filter Download:

 All you need to go to your profile, click on the cog, then manage>filters. From there you can add filters, geofilters, lenses, and stickers. This is how the process of filter download occurs.

Snapchat Lens

: It allows you to add animated effects to your pics and videos. You use lenses instead of filters while you take a snap.


 To use the geofilters you can turn on the location on Snapchat. These filters are special to your present location.

Create custom Snapchat filter Guide

There are a bit different routes where you can create your own filters one of the simple ways is that you can  choose a design a simply  buy a filter without creating your business account or also if you want to create through a business account then simply generate an account a simply create it

Also creating your own business account will give you more possibilities and you can make more snaps

In this article I will provide the simple steps to create your own snapchat custom filter:


Go to the “ Create your own website “ and you will find a button of  “create filter” click there:


Download your custom designs’ and then select the Snapchat templates and then add text emojis or whatever you want to your template make creative filters with your creative mind.


Set your start and end time when your filter is ready for use. Whatever you can use again and again whenever you want some more changes in your filter


You can use it to set home for your own filter by setting up “Geofence”. the geofence allows you to set the location where your filter will be available.


Select your filter if you think this is according to your wish and then submit the order and wait for the Snapchat confirmation it’s just a simple piece of work.

If  you want to know more about  snapchat visit:

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