Jetpack Jump Tips And Tricks Hack(Strategies, Hack, Tips)

Introduction to Hack Jetpack Jump:

Jetpack is the latest sports theme game for android and ios. It is actually a mobile game. The rules of this game are a little different. In jetpack jump, the goal is to get a long-jump or a perfect jump. And the question is that how to get a perfect jump.

Jetpack jump is a pretty simple game, in Which a player actually wants to get a perfect jump. And this is only possible when the player knows about all tips and tricks of the game.

So to play this game and to get the perfect jump you need to learn all the rules of game-like timing, jumping rules, how to upgrade, and how to boost, etc.

So in this article, we discuss all the points. It is actually a triple jump event game in which a player needs to jump three times. The final score of this game depends upon the entire distance that you covered. I mean if you cover a longer distance then you have more chances to earn more money.

So the aim of the game is that how to get the highest score. By following some tips and tricks you will be definitely able to get a perfect jump.

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To hit a perfect jump

There are four basics jumping, in which you can either get a Bad jump or Ok, Great, and perfect jump. Obviously, you want to get a perfect jump. To hit a perfect jump you need to focus on the tap. Timing is very important in this case.

When you take your first jump then your character jump on the top of the red line. And during the second and third jump, you need to pay attention to the circle.

If you tap late then you cannot take the perfect jump .so to take a perfect hit you should tap about half a second before you see the circles overlap in order to account for the delay in your movement.

Jetpack Boost

After taking your third jump, you can use your jetpack to boost yourself. For this, you can tap and hold on to the screen to get the fuel for your jetpack. And you can do this only when your third jump is completed. The best use of the boost is achieved when you use the fuel as you are near to finishing your jump.

Upgrade to get high score

To high score you mostly need to upgrade your jump. And to upgrade your jump you need to earn money. When you earn money then you then a question arises in your mind that what to do with this money. So you upgrade your jump with this money. You can upgrade your jetpack, your height of the jump, and your offline earnings.

Make sure you always check out the upgrades. Sometimes you will see free on one of them. When you press on it, a video advertisement will play upgrade that option without spending time. And it is useful at higher levels.

Multiply earnings

You can multiply your earnings through advertisement. How you can do this. You get offer to double or triple the money which you earned at the end of each jump. And obviously you will have to watch video advertisement first before you get the extra money.

It is best to accept this type of offer. So always keep in mind that when you accept this ad offer, it is acceptable when getting a triple bonus .or when you come across the hat while jumping.

The other option to multiply the money is by watching another ad when you log back into the game. When you log back in your all earnings are showed. And in this way an offer is given to you to multiply this amount .and the offer is by watching the video you can multiply your earnings .so accept this offer.

So in this way, you can get a large amount of money, and you can use this money for multiple upgrades. Another important point is that make sure that your connection to the internet. Because if you are offline then you can’t able to receive ad offer.

So when you are logging back into the game after several hour, then make sure you are connected to internet.

You can also earn money when your are offline.


Congratulations, finally now you are able to hit a perfect jump. All tips and tricks are discussed above to get long and perfect jump in jetpack. So in last we want to say that always start your jump exact at the starting line. You’ll need to start out with perfect jump. So make sure to tap right as you get to the line to start with a perfect jump.

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