How to make a bookshelf in Minecraft:

Making a bookshelf in Minecraft is not very difficult. When enchanting comes bookshelf in Minecraft are very important. You can also use them as decorative blocks around a base or house due to their nice texture. 

In the game, there is no shortage of things to build and decorate, from weapons to different materials. Your town may require a sophisticated library that goes everywhere. It might be that you simply want to give your living room a touch of flair in the house that you have created.

The bookshelf is available in the following versions Java, Pocket, X box, Window 10, and Education Edition.

If you are ready to learn about how to make a bookshelf in Minecraft then don’t leave we are going to tell you all the detail about this.  

Building a bookshelf requires the following materials:

1. Crafting table

2. 3 books

3. 6 wooden planks

In Minecraft, you can obtain bookshelves in the following ways:

  • Crafting: This method requires books and planks of wood. A book can be made from paper or leather, while a plank is made from wood.
  • Exploration: Bookshelves are not uncommon in strongholds and villages.
  • Trading: Librarian villages will exchange emeralds for bookshelves.

How to make Bookshelf in Minecraft?

In a Nutshell:

The crafting area consisting of the 3×3 grid can be used to build a bookshelf. The first row should have three wood planks, of any kind. The last row should have three wood planks more. The second row should be filled with books. After the bookshelf has been created, simply drag it to your inventory by clicking and dragging it.

How to make a bookshelf in Minecraft:

Step-by-Step procedure:

Below you’ll find a complete guide to make a bookshelf in Minecraft:

  • You will need a crafting table in order to make a bookshelf. Players should make a crafting table as one of their first blocks since they are so easy to make.
  • Any recently acquired logs can be converted into wooden planks to make a crafting table. 
  • Placing the collected logs into a slot on the survival inventory’s crafting table makes wooden planks.
  • You can then progress to crafting after the logs have been converted to wooden planks. 
  • Besides a bookshelf, you’ll need to use these wooden planks as well.
  • As a next step, you need to collect the sugar cane and leather you need to make the books you need. Around the world, sugar cane is found near water sources of all kinds. Typically, this plant is grown on grass or sand and can grow up to four blocks high.
  • It is recommended that you construct a sugar cane farm to streamline the process if you plan on making multiple books at once.

See the guide below for instructions on making the books needed for this recipe.

  • After you’ve collected your books and planks, you’re ready to build your first bookshelf. 
  • Open the GUI for the crafting table and place the crafting table down.
  • You can now use the wooden planks you chose for the top and bottom row of your menu. 
  • Next, go ahead and fill in the three middle remaining spaces with your books.
  • Your bookshelf is now at your disposal! The bookshelf breaks apart when broken (unless you use the silk touch enchantment), causing you to enclose each with another block of wood once again.

How to Find Bookshelves in Minecraft:

In order to fully power up your crafting table, you need lots of bookshelves, and sugarcane and leather to make all that paper. When you’re exploring, you might run into some bookshelves.

In Minecraft, you can find the following bookshelves:

  • Village libraries
  • Village houses
  • Strongholds
How to make a bookshelf in Minecraft:

You can also use a tag feature in Minecraft. This feature allows you to rename nearly any NPC and prevent them from respawning. To name a tag, players must spend one enchantment. Mine for minerals in the world of Minecraft, or kill mobs around it for enchantment levels. You can learn all about this in our article on how to use and find tags in Minecraft.


Well! Now you have a complete idea about how to make a bookshelf in Minecraft! The bookshelf is a great decorative block, but it can also be used to power enchantment tables. If you surround an enchantment table with two layers of bookshelves you can reach level 30 of enchantments.

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1.     In Minecraft, how does a bookshelf work?

In vanilla Minecraft, bookshelves are used for decorating purposes, or they are made into the most powerful enchantment tables. An enchantment table’s surrounding bookshelves indicate how strong the enchantment can be. In a table with a maximum level of 30, you can get so many enchantments you can’t get (or are not likely to get) in a table with a lower level requirement.

2.      How can I get bookshelves in Minecraft easily?

It can sometimes be difficult to get all the materials needed for all of the bookshelves with a crafting table, even though bookshelves are quite easy to craft. 

Bookshelves can be found in libraries in villages; players can break these shelves and obtain the books they need, then all they need is wood. 

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