Granny Mod APK 1.7.3(No Attack) Latest Version

Granny MOD APK

The game is being searched by a lot of people on the Internet daily. Most of the people did not get to know about downloading the game because most websites do not have suitable APK files for the game.
We are here with the enhanced and latest version of Granny Mod APK for you. It offers instant downloading that hardly requires 2 minutes to download on your device. Guys, we have provided all the information in our article like its features, how to download and other things. We hope that by going through this article, you will be able to understand much more about this game.

Discovering hidden secrets and mysteries in the house requires exploring all corners. As you explore, you will have to make more noise overall, which makes it more difficult for you to stay inside and survive. Once you are caught, your game is over. Thus, be sure to keep your back covered while staying in your senses.

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A horrifying horror game in which the player is forced to escape a house inhabited by a crazy grandma. The main character is originally on the bed in the horrible house’s room. Within five days, he must flee from this awful place. An old, frightened woman in the building is complicating matters, as she hears every sound and reacts immediately. For release, you must move quietly, avoid traps, and search for keys from the doors. The old woman will naturally find and kill your character if you hide in the closet. In some cases, you have to hide in the closet, but do not abuse it.

The gameplay of Granny Mod

In this game, the player must discover items to help him escape from the house within 5 days. To break wood, he used a hammer, to shoot Granny with a shotgun, and to kill Granny with a crossbow. The current house has 5 floors, including a garage and 2 attic areas. To escape, the player can clear the obstacles on the front door, or repair the car in the garage; a car battery, spark plug, oil pump, oil filter, engine part, wrench, and gasoline are needed.

Granny mod apk

Granny won’t see the player hiding under beds or in wardrobes, so it’s okay to hide under them. When Granny catches the player, she swings a baseball bat at his head, and the current day is over. In addition, falls from an unstable floor or woolly spiders in the attic can hurt the player. The player can be caught during such cut-scenes as being attacked by Granny in the basement, being run over by the car in the garage, or getting his head chopped off by the guillotine in the backyard, and falling onto a bear trap through the weak attic floor.

granny mod

Defending against Granny can be accomplished by shooting her with the crossbow, having her walk over an ice trap, having her trapped in the sauna for some time, or using the shotgun to take away Granny’s threat for a period of time (2 minutes in Easy, 1 minute in Medium, 30 seconds in Hard, and 15 seconds in Extreme. If Granny is shot in Nightmare Mode, an extra 30 seconds can be added).

Features of Granny MOD APK

Let’s have a look at the following features which make this game more amazing and fun!

  • Graphics play an important role in the development of any game or app. This game offers high-quality graphics due to which there is a crazy fan-following of this game. The players are attracted to the game due to the use of these graphics.
  • As we know that there are both FREE and PAID apps and games available on the Internet. Most of the games are free to download but they require in-app purchases. In the case of granny Apk mod, there are no in-app purchases. This game is free to play with all of its free unlocked tools.
  • This game is popular due to its famous horror voice. The background sounds used in the game are loud and horrible. When the granny (the character of the game) moves in the game then scary background music comes from the game.
  • granny apk offers easy controls for the players. A player can only enjoy the game when he/she can control the game easily. Granny game provides the feature of easy controlling for its players.
  • In this game, you will get all the weapons and tools already unlocked. You need not play the game constantly for unlocking different resources. All the resources are already unlocked for the user’s ease and interest.

Granny Mod (Menu Mod) makes room escape easy

For us, the Granny Mod game is full of challenges and fun. It is not easy to play Granny, even though it is an interesting game. You have five days to escape the room in this game. Your objective is to escape the room by working your way through the clues and using various items. The most important thing you should do in the game is to remain silent, otherwise, Granny will come and kill you. Because of this, most players find this game difficult. As a result of Granny Mod (Menu Mod), this problem has been resolved.

Mods for the game Granny include Granny Mod (Menu Mod) which adds more functionality to the game. There is a menu in the left-hand corner of the game interface in this mod. It has a lot of power. You can play the game normally when the menu is turned off, Granny. When the game is opened in God mode, you cannot be killed by the granny. Alternatively, you can kill granny in the game, which will cause her to disappear for 90 seconds. You will find Granny more interesting with this mod.

How to Download on Android

To download this game on your android gadget, follow the steps given below:

Step 1:  First of all, go to your device’s Settings and enable ‘Unknown Resources’.

Step 2:  Tap on the download link located somewhere besides the app name. A file will start downloading.

Step 3:  Once the file is downloaded successfully, it will automatically save to your device’s download folder. Go to your device’s download folder and look for that file.

Step 4:  Now, click on ‘Install’. The APK file of the game will be installed on your Android device.

Step 5:  Go and enjoy the game. Have fun!

Check the Complete Installation Guide Here:

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So, all the details are provided in this article about the Granny MOD APK. We have also discussed the features of the game. If you love to play horror games, then this game will prove more interesting for you. When you will start playing the game(Outwitt mod menu apk also Available), it will be more fun! We hope that you will like this article and the game as well. So, what are thinking about? Go and download the game!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

What is Granny APK?

Granny APK a horror theme game. It is downloaded and played by many people today. It is a popular game due to its amazing features.

Is Granny APK safe?

Yes, it is safe to download and play on your device. However, it is better to activate Antivirus before start downloading the game.

Describe two pros of Granny MOD APK.

  • Easy to download
  • Available free of cost

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