Evil operator prank call

Alternatives to Evil Operator Prank Calls

If you want to take your pranking game to the next level, the idea of Evil Operator prank calls can be quite appealing. However, since it is no longer advised to use apps like this, we suggest you try these prank call apps, ideas, and recordings. These are just as entertaining as an evil operator prank call. Thanks!

Prank Call App 

Prank calls are always a good idea with evil operator apk. You can anonymously call family and friends with Own Pranks’ prank calling app. As a prank idea, it is great because we have speech recognition technology with real-time analysis and artificial intelligence that works to make your prank victim seem like they are speaking to a real person! Put all this into action right now and see what your next prank idea is.

(Without The *Actual* Evil Operator)

An evil operator prank call consists of calling other people and making them sh*t their pants, so they will think that the call was recorded and that you have something they can use as a blackmail tactic, right? Imagine we recreated that without recording part and fooled them into thinking we actually had a copy of the conversation you just had? It would be good to ask your target victim for some gossip. If you want to ask something like, “Hey Ashley, how are you?” it would be better. How does Gabby seem to you? What are the things you do and don’t like about her?her?her? When she gets REALLY into the conversation, let her know that you are secretly recording the conversation and that you are going to send the recording to Gabby! What’s the point? Well, imagine the embarrassment your friend Ashley would feel the moment she finds out that while she’s talking behind her friend’s back, she’s actually (well, not ACTUALLY) going to hear what she’s saying about her. Remember to let people know that you’re joking about the recording part.

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