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You can play peculiar pranks on your phone using Evil Operator Apk. Voice-over effects can be applied to the real call in order to share their chat later. Its real-time effects are one of the reasons to download this application instead of another voice changer app.
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The application lets you make prank calls to your friends, making them think they have been contacted by one another. A recording of the call and listening to the conversation are available. The call recording can be sent later as well.

You can play peculiar pranks on your phone using Evil Operator Apk. Voice-over effects can be applied to the real call in order to share their chat later. Its real-time effects are one of the reasons to download this application instead of another voice changer app.

You won’t be able to reveal who you are, but your friends will think they’re talking to each other. They won’t be aware who made the call, and when you give them the recording, they’ll be astounded.

All About Evil Operator Mod apk

It’s now possible to download the Evil Operator APK! For Android, you can download the free APK file for Evil Operator. A free version of this app can be downloaded from this website. There are no subscription fees or premiums to pay. There is no charge for it.

With the application Evil Operator, Android users can access a variety of great features in the app, and the application itself is quick and user-friendly. A user can join two callers simultaneously on this app. This is a new kind of app! As if they were speaking directly on the same phone, two participants can engage in one-to-one communication on the same device. With just one phone call, friends and family can communicate instantly! Furthermore, you can even record the exchange and send it to your family and friends through social media networks. Isn’t this an awesome app? It is, of course. In my opinion, this is an app that is a lifesaver and demonstrates innovation. Now you don’t need to worry about linking one of your friends to another to discuss your private issues. Whenever a deal goes south, you can record the conversation and save it as evidence or reference.

You can easily download and install the latest version of the Evil Operator Premium  APK app for Android smartphones. Several users who have ever used this app say that it has performed better over time. Here on this site, you can directly download it without having to go to the app store. You will still be able to use it.

Play a joke by connecting two numbers

It’s very simple to use Evil Operator pro apk. You simply enter the phone numbers from the interface that is enabled for that purpose and define what length the call will last.

In addition to allowing us to make one free call per day, the app’s token system also allows us to bypass limits about call times, check our prank history, make calls from blocked numbers, and buy more calls.

Features evil operator prank calling

This sentence attempts to explain the main idea and concept of the application as described in the introduction. There are still many questions about the game’s functioning and functions.

Our list of top game features below illustrates what the game offers its users.

  • Coins
  • Share your chats
  • Conferencing
  • Laughable
  • Ringtone play
evil operator mod
  • Coins

You don’t need to worry about any limits when you purchase tokens to call your friends. Purchasing any number of tokens will allow you to call your friends as many times as you like. Purchasing enough coins is necessary for you to make the call with your friends if you want to have extra fun.

  • Share your chats

Make your friends laugh by sharing your chat later. Listening to their recording will shock them. They thought they had spoken together and weren’t aware of your existence.

  • Conferencing

In a later call-in conference, you can confirm your attendance. There is no need to hold a conference call if you simply want to record their voice call, and you can appear via video call as well.

  • Laughable

The funny effects can be applied to the voice so that you will be unrecognizable during a conference call.

You can contact any of your friends and change your voice instantly so they will never remember who you are since they were supposed to be able to communicate.

A female voice effect, a kid voice effect, and an old man voice effect can all be applied to your voice.

  • Ringtone play

When your loved one receives the call you can play a ringtone on the phone so that the ringtone will annoy them, causing them to feel irritated and angry at the caller. Those calls can also be recorded. They can then share it with you later.

Working of Evil Operator

It has a very simple method of working. By tapping the application icon, you have to fill out the number of friends to contact. That’s it. They will receive phone numbers from you on their phones.

evil operator apk

Then they’ll think they’ve spoken. Changing your voice will keep them from realizing who you are, and you can also call them directly. You will never be able to identify yourself if you call them from a new number.

Installation of Evil Operator APK

From open-apk.com you can download Evil Operator APK.

Download Evil Operator.APK from the file manager on your Android device.

There has previously been a setting established for “Accepting unknown sources.”. The device can be set up, if it hasn’t been activated yet, within Settings/Safety/Privacy/Install Apps From Unknown Sources.

The Evil Operator application can be run as soon as the Evil Operator download has been completed.


 Does this app cost anything?

Installation is free of charge for this application.

Does this app have a play store listing?

You can download the application directly from the play store if you prefer.

During a phone call, can voice effects be applied?

Using this real-time-based application, you can easily work on voice effects.

Can this app be purchased from within it?

You can purchase some items within the app.

What is the point of in-app purchases?

Nonstop calls require tokens, as mentioned above. The call will be dropped if you exceed the time limit.

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