School of Chaos Online Tips & Cheats for VIP Tokens & Lunch Money

School Of Chaos MOD APK – When you hear the game’s name, you may expect chaos and bloodshed. The game transports you to a school where there are no teachers or principals, and it includes amusing action components. Your school is a battleground where you spend the entire day battling other students.

Game Overview

When you hear the game’s name, you may expect chaos and bloodshed. The game transports you to a school where there are no teachers or principals, and it includes amusing action components. Your school is a battleground where you spend the entire day battling other students.

School of Chaos Hack APK is situated in a typical high school, just like many others. It also has a pedagogical campus, a gymnasium, and a basketball court, among other amenities. The unique aspect of this situation is that the school is completely devoid of teachers and guards. It is possible to be eaten by zombies in odd ways, but they are not present at school. All that was left were the rowdy and troublesome students. Bullying is on the rise in schools. The class was filled with ferocious conflicts between the bad kids. Everything else is merely a tumultuous scene of student brawls.

School of Chaos Online Tips & Cheats for VIP Tokens & Lunch Money

Teachers are eaten by zombies, classes are canceled, students are free to do whatever they want. If you think that sounds like the recipe for chaos, you are pretty much right. School of Chaos Online invites you to survive among the bullies in this chaotic environment. Make friends with other kids or fight them for their lunch money!

School of Chaos Online is an MMORPG by VNL Entertainment, a developer who seems to have very similar games under the titles Bad Nerd – Open World RPG, Ninja Rage – Open World RPG, and Nerd vs Zombies. They might also be known for Random Toons RPG, Rate My Pet, and Crazy Bricks 3D.

School of Chaos Online has a 4.2/5 stars rating on the Google Play Store while ranking in with 4.5/5 stars on the Apple App Store. The game is popular on both Android and iOS, with a pretty active player base and frequent updates by the developers. Can this game become your new go-to MMORPG? Let’s find out!

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School of Chaos Online Hack for VIP Tokens & Lunch Money

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School of Chaos Background

This massively multiplayer online roleplaying game puts the player into a world which is the dream of a lot of young students. Teachers are eaten by zombies and chaos runs amok, everyone is for themselves in this crazy school. Once you registered in the game, you will be entered into the Rest Area, where you will be asked to customize your character. You can makeover your look later on, but it’s costy, so choose wisely!

Once you got your character, you are free to go wherever you wish. The Rest Area is a non-fighting zone, so this is the safe haven, or hub for players. In this area you can find vendors, who are non-player controlled characters. These NPCs are selling weapons and armor, which you will no doubt need to survive. Equipment can also break, requiring you to get a repair kit from the Main Hall of the school.

Outfitting your character is one thing, but what are the goals in School of Chaos Online? Well, there are multiple NPCs in the Rest Area who are glad to give you quests to lead you on your journey. Some of these quests are official ones created by the developers, while others might be quests made by real players. Buying a quest maker kit from vendors allows you to make your own quests as well!

Accepting a quest will add a marker to your map, where you can see which part of the school you need to go to. Quests usually include beating up bullies, zombies or fighting various other characters in the school. You might need to take revenge for a player beaten by bullies, or go to the playground and show evil kids who is the boss.

The school itself is made up of 14 different parts: Rest Area, War Room, Elite Zone, Main Hall, Art Gallery, Gym, Online Area, Playground, Play Room, Washroom, Auditorium, Cafeteria, Bright Hall and the Grand Library. Each of these maps other than the Rest Area are fight zones, where you might be attacked by other players, regardless of level. Of course you can also make friends with these players, but it’s not that easy, when someone is determined to beat you.

To avoid losing to other players in School of Chaos Online, you should complete quests and level up. Leveling works in a way that you have to exchange name tags for level ups. You get these for completing quests, beating bullies and sometimes even other players. More and more name tags are required for reaching higher levels, so you have to keep questing, if you want to stay relevant. As you gain levels, you will also be able to purchase better equipment, which will help you sustain against more hits and deal more damage to others.

The fights themselves work in a very simple way. You just have to move your character in front of your chosen target and tap the attack button. Tapping it once will do a single attack, while tapping it twice will execute a combo attack. Of course enemies might attack back, so for this reason you have the block button. Using this will block enemy attacks, leaving you unharmed. You can even counterattack, if you tap this button right when the enemy launches their weapon at you. Some NPCs in the Rest Area sell new fighting techniques for lunch money, so you might consider buying those to become better at combat.

Since the main focus of School of Chaos Online is fighting, you will no doubt have injuries. For this reason there are vending machines placed around the school, where you can buy food to restore your health. There are also sodas up for grabs from these machines, which will restore your energy. Energy is used for running, attacking and blocking, so if you run out of it, you won’t be able to do anything in combat. These refreshments can also be found on beaten enemies’ bodies, along with lunch money, so if you fight and win, you will have to spend less of your money on vending machines.

In the end, this game is heavily reliant on player interaction, so for this reason there is a chat option between players, as well as a clan system. Inviting people to be your friends, or joining clans are a great way to be more successful, as you can call on others to help you, when a powerful player pursues to beat you.

If you were wondering whether there are any microtransactions in this game, the answer is yes. You can access the ATM in the Rest Area, where you can send some of your real money for lunch money and VIP tokens. You can buy 1500 lunch money or 100 VIP tokens for $0.99, or can even get 200,000 lunch money or 10,000 VIP tokens for $74.99, if you are a big spender. Downloading sponsored apps is also an option to get lunch money, name tags and VIP tokens.

Lunch money is used for buying various things from vendors and vending machines, but VIP tokens have different uses. Powerful items can be bought with them, such as jammers that disable other players’ attacks or quick slot items, or you can spin the Fun Wheel to win random rewards. Another great use for these tokens is to buy a house from the Playground’s school bus. This will let you go “Home” from then on.

School of Chaos Online includes some ads, which can pop in whenever you start the game for the first time, and some banner ads will also appear whenever you are in the menus. These can be disabled by buying one of the VIP token packs for real money.

Cheats & Tips for School of Chaos Online

To become successful in School of Chaos Online, it requires you to spend a lot of time on it, or turn to cheats. Since this is an online only game, cheats are tricky to get a hold of, but you can always try, especially when you know where to find them! Let me tell you some tips and tricks, which might help you on your journey.

When you start the game for the first time, you will want to spend some of your starting money on equipment like a weapon and armor. Without these, anyone will be able to beat you without trouble. If you outfit yourself accordingly, you will have a chance against players near your level range. Don’t forget that armor and weapons can break though, so you will have to buy a repair kit from the Main Hall when that happens!

Once you have finished enough quests and fought off some players, you will probably have a good amount of name tags. Use these to level up, unlocking new equipment to become even stronger. You can also keep these for bragging rights, as some players seem to love talking about their huge amount of name tags.

As a tip, be careful that fight zones will often have high leveled players, who can beat a beginner in a single hit. Try to avoid these players while questing, as some are mean enough to hunt for newbies.

As a last tip, if you are really committed to this game, look for a clan to join. It will make your chances much better, as you will have backup when needed. Your clan mates will probably be glad to help you out in trouble. There are also a lot of friendly players to be found in the Rest Area, so make new friends!

School of Chaos Online Review

I have a long past with MMORPGs on the computer, but I never actually played one on mobiles. School of Chaos Online was my first, and I can’t really say I was impressed. Let me tell you why not.

Firstly, the game’s visual style looks objectively ugly. I’m not sure if this is the most the developers could get out of the engine, or if they didn’t try, but this game is really not pleasing to look at in any way. Character movements are also really weird, as well as most animations, including combat.

Combat is a huge part of the game, so these terrible animations really leave a sour taste in my mouth. There is no impact or depth feel to the fights, you just keep tapping the same button, while your character repeats the same stiff animations until one of the players is down.

Another huge problem with the fights is that each area other than the Rest Area has no limitations on who can fight who. A level 75 player might appear out of nowhere with advanced equipment and heavily upgraded moves to one hit a low-level player. This happened so often during my playthrough that it really got on my nerves. The only way to dodge these attacking players is to run away and hope that they won’t be able to catch on thanks to the laggy animations.

Still, the power creep can be felt heavily, as players who spend real money on the game will have a huge advantage over others and will just one-hit them every time. This is as far from a fair system as possible. Honestly, as a newbie you only have a chance to enjoy this game if you keep avoiding all players on sight and only doing quests, or if you spend cash.

Then I haven’t even spoken about quests yet. The player-created quests have so many grammatical errors in them that it’s not even worthy to read them. You should just follow the arrow to your objective and don’t bother about the story. Apparently, VNL Entertainment allowed these quests to get into the game… I wonder why.

Overall, I really disliked School of Chaos Online with its unfair practices, laggy and stiff animations, and badly done community quests. In the long run, there isn’t much else to do other than fights, which are badly done. I would suggest you avoid this game, as it’s not really worth the time invested in it.


Artwork: The artwork of School of Chaos Online gets a 4/10 from me. Not much else to say, but that this game is pretty ugly. I thought about going even lower with my rating but decided not to, as I have seen even worse-looking games before.

Music & SFX: The music and SFX of the game get a 7/10. The music is probably the best part of the whole game. The music is different between each map, and most tracks are great, especially the main theme. The SFX is acceptable, although nothing special.

Story & Originality: As for the story and originality, the game gets a 6/10. I have to admit, the story and the overall promise of the game are good and unique, I really wish they would have done something better with it. It’s really a shame that the execution is poor.

General Gameplay: I give the general gameplay in School of Chaos Online a 2/10. Unresponsible controls, laggy and stiff animations, unfair microtransactions, and a free for all system that punishes new players is how I would summarize this game. Quests are also uninteresting for the most part, as all of them are about beating enemies. Fighting with other players is another often mentioned feature of the game, but it just really doesn’t work out well at all. Just go and play something else, as you would find more annoyance than fun in this title.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness of this game deserves a 3/10. There is just not much to come back for in School of Chaos Online. An MMORPG should have goals both for the early game and the late game, when you reached high levels. But this game only has two things going for it: boring quests and boring, unresponsive fights. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time on it.

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