EA Sports UFC 5: Release Date Leaks, Latest News, and Everything You Need To Know

EA’s MMA brawler could be back for a fifth fight.

Releasing date of the next ufc was first released in 2014 as the official video game for the number one MMA league in the world, and to date, it’s spawned three further sequels. With EA Sports UFC 4 released in August 2020 for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. A much-anticipated UFC 5 is already being talked about by both the fans of the sport, but when can we expect to see the next game in the series arrive? Here’s everything you need to know about EA Sports UFC 5, starting with the latest news.

Latest – When will UFC 5 be available to Pre Order?

releasing date of the next ufc is not yet available to pre-order but things could change as soon as the UFC 5 Cover Athlete is announced.

Generally, the reveals of the game itself and the cover athlete coincide with the title going live for pre-order on various platforms.

So, for releasing date of the next ufc, cover reveals and pre-orders will likely go live in May or June of 2022.

UFC 4 was priced at £59.99 / $59.99, so we can expect a similar number for UFC 5.

UFC 5 Release Date

We do not yet have official confirmation of when EA Sports will release UFC 5, but we can have a pretty accurate guess.

According to some news sources and media reports, releasing date of the next ufc is already under development and it may come out at the end of this year – possibly in November or December 2021.

Judging from EA Sports UFC’s past releases, it is also possible that UFC 5 will be available in 2022, as to date UFC games have been released every two years.

Check out the previous UFC release dates below:

  • EA Sports UFC: Released 17 June 2014
  • EA Sports UFC 2: Released 15 March 2016
  • EA Sports UFC 3: Released 2 February 2018
  • EA Sports UFC 4: Released 14 August 2020

As soon as any official news on the releasing date of the next ufc release date comes out, we will update this page with all the information.

EA starts work on UFC 5!

A job posting may have tipped off fans that EA Sports is now working on UFC 5!

Posted on the professional networking site LinkedIn, the job posting is looking for a Game Design Director for an upcoming UFC game.

The position is located at EA Vancouver, which also developed all the other games in the releasing date of the next ufc series, as well as the NHL franchise and the recently revealed FIFA 22.

What to expect from UFC 5

EA Sports are still focusing its efforts on, UFC 4 – by regularly updating the game with patches, following the official launch back in August. EA previously stated that UFC 4 and NHL 21 will run as they do on the Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro and will not receive next-gen upgrades.

So, whenever UFC 5 does arrive, it should be a fully realized next-gen version of the popular MMA.

Don’t worry previous-gen players, we also expect EA to release UFC 5 on the PS4 and Xbox One too!

UFC 5 Trailers

Unfortunately, there are no official trailers for UFC 5 as of yet.

We will update this page with any trailer or leak as soon as it drops.

For now, you can check out the official releasing date of the next ufc gameplay trailer below, which will give you a taste of what’s to come in EA’s next MMA game.

EA Sports UFC 5 Ratings: Who will be the highest-rated fighter?

Take the octagon with the best of the best this year

Although we’ve yet to receive the official release date, one of the first things we should learn is about the EA Sports UFC 5 ratings.

More importantly, we’ll learn about who will be the highest-rated fighter in the game. There are plenty of active fighters to choose from that could lead the ratings.

Let’s make some predictions on who we think will lead the EA Sports UFC 5 ratings.

EA Sports UFC 5 Ratings – Best Fighter Predictions

Choosing the highest-rated fighter in UFC 5 can be tough, but it’s something all of us are wondering about. To lead the UFC 5 ratings, you have to be at the top of the UFC food chain.

Aside from legendary fighters such as Georges St-Pierre, who are no longer active, who will lead the ratings? There’s one active fighter that we think will separate himself from the rest.

Israel Adesanya is one of our favorites to lead the EA Sports UFC 5 ratings. Currently, he’s listed as the No.2 pound-for-pound active fighter in the UFC, just behind another favorite Kamaru Usman.

Here’s a list of active and former fighters we think could round out the top ten:

  • Israel Adesanya
  • Kamaru Usman
  • Francis Ngannou
  • Alexander Volkanovski
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • Valentina Shevchenko
  • Stipe Miocic
  • Georges St-Pierre
  • Jon Jones

Potential UFC 5 Release Date

What we’ll likely find out before the EA Sports UFC 5 ratings, is the official release date for the game. We can actually use previous releases as a guide to help us anticipate the right date.

Hopefully, around the time of the official announcement, we’ll get a look at the cover athlete as well as a first look at the ratings. We’ll have to wait and see for that though.

Here are the previous release dates for the game:

  • EA Sports UFC: Released 17 June 2014
  • EA Sports UFC 2: Released 15 March 2016
  • EA Sports UFC 3: Released 2 February 2018
  • EA Sports UFC 4: Released 14 August 2020

We believe that UFC 5 will be released around the same time as UFC 4, mid to late August. We wouldn’t be surprised if the game came a little bit later.

EA Sports UFC 5 Pre-Order rewards

After the release date and the UFC 5 ratings are revealed, we’ll likely learn about pre-orders and early access rewards.

This could range from a few different items and could also show off the different editions of the game. The more special editions, the more likely chance we’ll receive better rewards. Here are some of the pre-order rewards from UFC 4:

  • Anthony Joshua
  • Tyson Fury
  • Backyard Customization Pack:
  • Jean Print Shorts
  • Backyard Camo Shirt
  • Backyard MMA Gloves
  • Skull Cap
  • Gold Chain
  • Kumite Customization Pack:
  • Kumite Gladiator Shorts
  • Kumite Cobra Shirt
  • Rope Gloves
  • Cobra Mask
  • Kumite Necklace

As we learn more about the game and the EA Sports UFC 5 ratings, we’ll keep you updated with the latest news.

UFC 4 is the STAR in this free PS Plus February lineup

You’ll have a month to get one of the hottest games

We have to be honest, we love free games and PS Plus is giving PlayStation users a chance to grab UFC 4 and two other games for absolutely free!

We know that UFC 4 has been out for some time, but if you haven’t had the chance to play this is a perfect time. Especially since the game is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Let’s take a look at how you can redeem UFC 4 and the other two PS Plus games.

Get UFC 4 for FREE on PS Plus

If you’re looking to land yourself a free game, PlayStation Plus users can head to the hub right now and download UFC 4. Perhaps you’d be interested in the other games too.

For those that don’t have PS Plus, you can subscribe for $9.99 per month. Each month you’ll have access to free games and other perks as well. Sometimes, you get a superstar game like UFC 4. Here are the games available on PlayStation Plus for the month of February:

  • EA Sports UFC 4
  • Planet Coaster: Console Edition
  • Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure

The latest UFC 4 Update introduces new fighters

The good news is that although UFC 4 has been out for a while, it continues to get attention. The latest UFC 4 update brought new fighters to the game.

Considering the game continues to get attention, it makes it a great game to download and have some fun with. The online mode still receives plenty of action too, so you won’t get bored.

Ratings are also something constantly being adjusted and we’ve got the new information right here. Needless to say, UFC 4 is definitely a game worth downloading from PS Plus.

UFC 4: Black Friday Deals on Xbox, PS4, PS5

Get inside the octagon for a discounted rate this weekend

Are you ready to make your way into the octagon in UFC 4? Have you been waiting for the perfect time to purchase the game? Great news! Now is the best time to do it.

Black Friday is just around the corner and the deals are flowing, each platform from PlayStation to Xbox is wheeling out deals all week.

UFC 4 Black Friday Deals on Xbox One & Series X|S

Players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players will be excited to know that they can expect a ton of discounts on UFC 4 on Black Friday.

From deals in the Microsoft Store to other retailers, this will be your best time to get the game without paying too much for it.

Let’s check out the UFC 4 Black Friday deals in the Microsoft Store:

  • UFC 4 Standard Edition on Xbox One: $17.99
  • UFC 4 Standard Edition on Xbox Series X|S: $17.99
  • UFC 4 Deluxe Edition on Xbox One: $20.99
  • UFC 4 Deluxe Edition on Xbox One Series X|S: $20.99

Now let’s take a look at some of the other retailers offering Black Friday deals on UFC 4 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S:

  • UFC 4 Standard Edition on Xbox One at Gamestop: $13.99
  • UFC 4 Standard Edition on Xbox One Series X|S at Best Buy: $19.99

UFC 4 Black Friday Deals on PS4 and PS5

We’ve got even more great news for PS4 and PS5 players, you’ll also be able to get their own deals on UFC 4 this weekend.

Of course, one of the best ways to purchase UFC 4 on Black Friday is by going directly through the PlayStation Store. However, there are some other deals available as well.

Here are the current UFC 4 Black Friday Deals through the PlayStation Store:

  • UFC 4 Deluxe Edition on PS4: $20.99

Unfortunately, it looks as if the PlayStation Store is only offering a Black Friday deal on the UFC 4 Deluxe Edition for PS4. That’s okay though because there is a way to get the specials on PS5 by way of backward compatibility.

Here are some deals through outside retailers for PS4:

  • UFC 4 Standard Edition on PS4 at Gamestop: $13.99
  • UFC 4 Standard Edition on PS4 at Walmart: $14.00

If we learn of any more UFC 4 Black Friday specials we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

UFC 4 Rating Update: Khabib convinces EA to boost Islam Makhachev

The new playable character received an adjustment

It looks as if the adjusters at EA have changed their minds about Islam Makhachev after talking with Khabib Nurmagamedov. Now, Makhachev has a brand new UFC 4 rating.

We can expect even more ratings to be adjusted as time goes on, but for now, Makhachev is the most notable adjustment.

UFC 4 Ratings – Khabib Talks About Makhachev

On Tuesday, the EA adjusters sat down with Khabib Nurmagamedov to talk about Islam Makhachev and his UFC 4 ratings.

Khabib went on to explain how great of a fighter Islam is and how is the representative for their team, after the conversation, EA adjusted Makhachev’s rating.

We expect that even more UFC 4 ratings will be adjusted in the future, especially with all of the events coming up in the UFC.

Islam Makhachev’s new UFC 4 Rating

The adjustment to Islam Makhachev’s rating might not be as much as some had originally expected. However, he’s still a formidable force in UFC 4.

He saw a +.5 Star boost to his Grapple Rating, boosting him to a total of 5 Stars. He also received a +.5 Star boost to his Health Star Rating for a total of 4.5 Stars.

Perhaps most important, his UFC 4 overall rating has seen a +.5 Star increase for a total of 4.5 Stars. Which is now active in UFC 4.

Are more UFC 4 rating adjustments coming soon?

It wasn’t long ago that we received a UFC 4 ratings adjustment that brought the addition of Islam Makhachev to the roster.

However, with the recent adjustment, we expect that EA will be doing another UFC 4 roster update in the near future.

EA Sports UFC 5 Release Date: Pre-Order for Early Access

The next chapter for MMA gaming is on the way to gamers

Even as UFC 4 drops new content, attention turns to the eventual EA Sports UFC 5 Release Date and the next chapter for this gaming franchise.

With the UFC 5 Release Date likely less than a year away, here’s what we know so far about when this title could be due to arrive.

EA Sports UFC 5 Release Date

While nothing has been made official yet, a look at the past and where else EA Sports will have their focus next year can give us a pretty good idea of the potential UFC 5 Release Date.

Looking back at UFC 4, the title had an official release date of August 14, 2020, with a worldwide launch, but that timing could change a bit for this round. While we can still expect a fall release window, it’s worth keeping in mind that EA Sports is also likely to release Madden 23 in the middle of August, FIFA 23 in early October, and NHL 23 in the middle of October.

While they could place the UFC 5 Release Date ahead of Madden 23 and kick things off, the most likely window looks to actually be September.

As such, we’re expecting the UFC 5 Release Date will be September 9, 2022, but it wouldn’t be shocking to see them go with early August or a date later in the year depending on how development goes.

An official word about the game’s development has been scarce, but one recent report seemed to confirm the expectation that EA Sports is aiming for a late 2022 release window.

Will there be a UFC 5 Trial or Early Access?

Due to the fact that UFC 5 is an EA Sports title, we can likely count on them using the same Early Access and Trial models that were utilized again this year with Madden 22FIFA 22, and NHL 22.

That means we’ll likely get a free 10-hour Trial exclusive to EA Play subscribers that lands 7 or 8 days prior to the UFC 5 Release Date, and players who pre-order a non-standard edition are likely to get Early Access to the unrestricted game three days prior to launch. That means, if our UFC 5 Release Date projection holds, we could see a releasing date of the next ufc Trial on September 1, 2022, and Early Access on September 6, 2022.

When will UFC 5 be available to Pre Order?

While you can’t yet pre-order UFC 5 and secure your copy, they should open things up as soon as the UFC 5 Cover Athlete is announced.

Generally, we reveal the game itself and the cover athlete coincides with the title going live for pre-order on various platforms as the cover art has then been finalized and unveiled.

For UFC 5, that likely means a cover reveal in either May or June of 2022, and we should also learn about potential Deluxe Edition rewards around the same time.

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