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In Magikarp Jump, players take on the role of trainers who must teach their Magikarps to jump as high as possible. In common with all games created by The Pokemon Company, Magikarp Jump contains a slew of little secrets and hidden features that players can discover as they play. Magikarp Jump is an essential resource for all of our game content, so players will be able to find everything they need in one convenient location. Any new content for Magikarp Jump will be added to this guide, so bookmark this page now for future updates.

Top Secrets of Magikarp Jump

Upgrade Magikarp to Gyarados

It’s partly because players keep Magikarp around for so long because of its ability to evolve into Gyarados. It is possible for Magikarp Jump to evolve, however, the outcome is not quite what Pokémon fans would expect.

A Magikarp can only evolve into Gyarados after breaking its Everstone and reaching Level 20 in Magikarp Jump. Upon evolution, the standard blue Magikarp and the golden Magikarp will become standard red Gyarados.

Your Magikarp will automatically evolve into Gyarados after evolving into that type of Pokémon. The result is that you have lost your Magikarp and must search out a new one. Despite the negative effects, evolving your Magikarp concludes the 36th Event, which is called “Adios, Gyarados!”The Magikarp retires and reaches the retirement achievement

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Dratini fish

Players can also fish for a few other aquatic Pokémon in Magikarp Jump besides Magikarp. If you’re dedicated enough, you can also catch a Dratini. There are some players who swear by the recast fishing rod method, while others say that catching a Dratini is purely random. You’ll need quite a few extra Diamonds before you can use this trick to catch a Dratini.

It takes five attempts to catch a Dratini in Magikarp Jump. Each time you catch it, you’ll have to recast your rod five times. For this fishing trick, you need 210 Diamonds, which means you need at least 10 Diamonds for the first retry and 50 Diamonds for each retry after that. When you receive your fifth recast, you will be rewarded with a shiny new Dratini. Complete the “You’re No Magikarp!” quest once you have that new Dratini.”. Catching Dratini also earns you one Skill Restore item.


There are many colors to be found outside of the normal two-tone, calico, and golden Magikarps. When you finish the Fast League, you will have access to the Good Old Rod, used to catch pink Magikarps. A Champion of the Expert League will receive a Great Old Rod, which catches grey and purple Magikarps. 

 The Magikarp isn’t you!

Roddy Tackle must have some nice Magikarp in his pond, doesn’t he? Could you imagine what you would think if I said that there is much more living there than you thought? It exists because it does. You must spend in-game currency in order to activate this event. You should not purchase it unless you have the Diamond Miner (obtained after purchasing 2,500 Diamonds using real money).

Only a new Magikarp can be caught for this event. A Magikarp can only be caught once, and you must immediately select the option to fish for another one. It now costs 50 Diamonds instead of 10 once you catch your second Magikarp, but remember: once you catch your second Magikarp, you’ll have to pass on the second, and you’ll need to fish for another one as well. When you repeat this step 5 times, you will catch a Dratini! Despite this, Dratini cannot be a part of the league. It will be taken from you by Roddy Tackle. At Dratini, you’ll get your skills restored. There is a total cost of 210 Diamonds to see this event

A Magikarp Jumping Guide

  • Your Magikarp gains Jump Power (JP) based on how you feed, train, and complete League matches.
  • Play some League matches before leveling up your Magikarp completely, or else you will end up back at square one after a single loss.
  • The first Magikarp that you catch isn’t necessarily youTo get a better catch, throw the Diamonds back! better catch!
  • Don’t be afraid to boost the jumping ability of your Magikarp with your Support Pokemon. There are lots of cool items you can get from Pokémon like Pikachu and others as well.
  • Don’t let events take you by surprise. There are many events that can turn out badly, and some can even result in the loss of your Magikarp.

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