Is evil operator apk still active?

A 100x improvement has been made to Evil Operator. Calls can now be made anonymously.

What is the best way to use an evil operator?

APK Install Instructions for Evil Operator

  1. Download the Evil Operator APK file from
  2. Tap on Download Files/Evil Operator in the file manager of the Android device.
  3. There is one setting that should be noted: “Accept the installation of unknown sources”.

Does evil Operator exist as an app?

Caller ID pranks/evil operators Throw away those outdated voice-changing devices. With Prankdial, you can choose from tons of pre-recorded phone responses – all you have to do is tap the button. Depending on how many pranks calls you want to make, you will need to purchase tokens (one per call).

What if my phone is rooted?

In the same manner, as jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad, rooting gives you full control over the root folder, which is administrator-level access. You can now do pretty much anything you like to the device, including replacing its entire operating system with one that you build yourself.

Is it illegal to hack games?

Cheats and “hacks” for video games are not illegal to create, distribute, sell, or purchase. Copyright is not violated if you do not include copyrighted code or assets for the game. Modifications are made to the game to suit their needs.

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