How To use Opera Mini Free 50MB To Download

Opera Mini users are limited to 50MB of free browsing daily

We are providing free browsing to those most in need since the COVID-19 outbreak began because we like to play fair. You will be among the first to receive 50MB of free browsing for Opera Mini if you haven’t been able to access mobile data during the last month. 

The free 50MB daily browsing data in Opera Mini will be notified by SMS to eligible MTN customers. Customers can start using the internet free at their fingertips after receiving this message and opening or downloading Opera Mini. 

Opera Mini is the only app that includes free daily data. Newsfeeds, video streaming, and downloading files from the internet are not included in the data package. Your normal data/airtime wallet will be charged for any additional Opera Mini use. All websites and Speed Dials in Opera Mini are free to browse and search.

The best browser for smooth browsing!

The Opera Mini browser is small, fast, safe, and powerful. The ad-blocker comes with a built-in ad-compression function, a download manager, and an offline file sharing capability. 

The most recent version of Opera Mini comes with a revamped user interface (UI) to make it more appealing, light, and clean. One of Opera Mini’s goals is to improve everyday browsing sessions. The next step was to introduce fully redesigned features, new iconography, new colors, and new themes, all of which made it look even better than before. 

Reduce your mobile data usage by up to 90% 

Due to Opera Mini’s unique data compression, also known as data saving mode, it has always been very thoughtful when it comes to your MB’s when browsing. If you enable the data saved in your browser settings, you can save up to 90% of your mobile data. The browser’s data compression can pre-process and reduce the amount of data from a website before it reaches your phone. Opera Mini saves data, so you can browse the web faster and for longer, without needing to worry that you will run out of space. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free daily data deal work?

Prepaid (PayAsYouGo) MTN customers get free browsing data when browsing via the Opera Mini browser. Select customers (Low and non-data users) have access to free browsing capped at 50MB per day. 

Can I use the 50MB of free data?

Users of Opera Mini on MTN networks can access free data.  For example, if you don’t use a lot of data. You will be more likely to receive 50MB of free browsing data if you have not bought prepaid data bundles with MTN in the last month.

How can I get Opera Mini’s free daily data?

As a pre-qualified user, you are automatically eligible for free daily data with a daily limit of 50MB.  The free Opera Mini browsing will also be confirmed by MTN via SMS.  For free browsing, just open the app or download Opera Mini and start browsing.

What can I do with the 50MB of unlimited data?

I can browse and search only with the free daily data. Data does not include reading news feeds, watching videos or downloading files from the internet. If you use additional data or airtime, it will be deducted from your normal data or airtime wallet.  All websites are free for browsing. Opera Mini’s speed dial also includes suggested sites for free browsing.

 How about other Opera applications?

Opera Mini is the only application that offers free browsing. 

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