How To Remove Background In Canva? Best Background Remover 2022

Canva is a design tool with simple, easy, and quick operations without any design skills with a vast database of images and designs, banners, posters, and logos with many different themes. You can see themes like holidays, promotions, or cool seasonal designs. The editing interface of this application is also straightforward and suitable for most users. Once designed and edited, it can be downloaded in many different file formats. Besides, this application has many infographics, a lot of topics for you to use. Plus, when you finish your work, this app helps to store the works you’ve created so you can continue to edit, tweak, or use them as your forms for the next design. Remove Back Ground In Canva.

Well, we are describing the simple ways that you can follow, and simply you can remove the background of any image whether it’s in the form of jpg, png. Or any extension. So, before doing editing, you should be login in canvas with your account details.

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Simple Steps:

  1. Open the canva app from the android mobile and open the website from the pc/laptop
  2. Select and upload the image in the canva uploading dashboard option that wanna edit
  3. After uploading the image you can select the image, then click on the above option edit option
  4. Yes, when you click o edit image, then the background removal option appears, otherwise not
  5. Now click on the Removal BG tab that shows on the left side of canva dashboard as shown in the below screenshots.
  6. Wait for 2 to 3 seconds, then your image is ready and the background has been remove from the original image.

Why We Recommended

Because it’s a professional readymade app that everyone can use easily, that’s why we recommended it for beginners. You know, few online websites are available but they are limited like they remove bg of 2 to 3 mages freely. After that they apply conditions such as $ in price, fill subscription forum, etc.


In short, here we are providing canva background remover review completely step by step, and we are hoping that all of you have fully understood. Still have you any confusion, query, or suggestion then comment to us.


Is Background Remover free in Canva?

Yes, why not, it’s totally free of cost, just you have an email account for the signup canvas app.

Can you provide us canva premium account?

Sure, you can visit the main post of canva link that’s available in the above content, you can visit here and get the pro version of the canva.

Can Non-professionals use the canva app for designing?

Yes, easily, cause it’s not made for professional and expert people. You can do just drag & drop in the canva for creating professional designs.

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