How to install and use PrinterShare Premium Key

The work of many people is always busy with the documents they own, and in some cases, they need a printed copy. So when they use PrinterShare Mobile Print, they can print the documents they want themselves with only the required devices. You can do everything on your smartphone, and it still has the functions that users need to have the complete and quality printed documents you need.


Users can print the document they want with the printer next to them. In other words, if you don’t have your computer to connect to the printer, let your device do the rest. Specifically, in the device you are going to use, you will have to install PrinterShare Mobile Print and start experiencing the application’s functions, and it is straightforward to use. So anyone can print their documents after grasping the mechanics of the application. The first factor that anyone will need to consider is what types of printers can be supported by the application. So, while you are downloading and installing the application, you will need to read a little bit of information regarding your printer and information from the application’s website. Then, it is to ensure that a connection is established between the device and the printer to perform the next printing steps. It can be said that this is not a too tricky factor for users but needs to be done correctly. Once you have the information about the printer and the device with the application installed, the next job you need to do is establish a connection with your printer in various ways. You can use the connection to the printer via wifi, Bluetooth, USB, or other connections. But one of the methods that you often use is through a direct USB connection. At the same time, the process is done when you message Select in the Printer section.

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Once you have successfully set up between the device with PrinterShare Mobile Print installed and your printer, the next job anyone knows is to print the document they store. Most users have multiple primary storage sources, and they are divided into two categories: local data and those that appear on cloud storage sources. So each has its characteristics that anyone can take advantage of, and they support each other in many ways. As for the data in the device, you can print various file types such as image files, text documents files that you often use, and much other content that you can find. This type of document feature is always with you, and you can easily find them. At the same time, these documents also appear on your email or cloud storage platforms. Once selected, the document will appear before your eyes as a preview so you can make basic adjustments. It can be said that the application supports most document file types that users often use, but over time, there will be some unsupported types. That comes from the new app store policies. So in this version, neither the contact nor SMS history can be printed using this app. But look at them; the application’s functionality still fully meets your needs and supports the work to happen more quickly.


Once your document has been selected, you can see the document’s content in the preview. Depending on the document’s properties, it will have different representations as images appear on a white page. At the same time, this is when you can make certain adjustments in the document but most of the page layout, resolution, and other functions so that you can print the document as you like. It can be said that this is a step that requires carefulness. It can be seen as a step to check the content and appearance of the document before you place a print order. You’ll check document orientation, print size and choose to print in color or monochrome with color printers. So, after all the checks have been completed, you need to execute the Print command and select the number of copies you need to print. In addition, you can perform some test prints to check the document’s quality and choose to print one-sided or two-sided documents.


Users will take the time to take advantage of the functions inside PrinterShare Mobile Print, and it is undoubtedly a beneficial function for many people because it supports their work. So, on the app stores, the app has received high reviews and positive feedback from users. It can be said that this application is entirely suitable for many people, and this is your chance to experience the functions that this printing support application possesses.

Download PrinterShare

First of all, download the installation file from here. Then, open it and press ‘Install’ in the pop-up window. After that, you can start using PrinterShare Mobile Print Mod Apk.

If you want to use Google Cloud Printing, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to download the PrinterShare Mobile Print Mod apk file.

Step 2. Uninstall the previous version of PrinterShare Mobile Print Apk if installed on your Android phone/tablet.

Step 3. Install PrinterShare Mobile Print Mod Apk on your Android phone/tablet and run it.

Step 4. Go to Menu and select ‘Cloud’.

Step 5. Press ‘Add Cloud Printer’ to add Google Cloud Ready printer.

Step 6. Start printing by pressing the ‘Print’ button in any document.

PrinterShare Mod Apk FAQs

PrinterShare is a well-known printing company that has been the go-to place for many years. It offers a wide variety of services, from printing and copying to faxing and scanning. This article will cover what you need to know about PrinterShare PrinterShare Mobile Print Premium Apk.

Q. Does PrinterShare work on other printers?

PrinterShare is designed to be compatible with the majority of home and office printers. It works across many different models from companies such as HP, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Brother, and Kodak.

Q. What is the cost of PrinterShare?

PrinterShare offers both free and paid services. You can use free features to print text or images, if you want to use advanced features then it will cost you a certain amount.

Q. Does PrinterShare work on Android phones and tablets?

Yes, PrinterShare works on Android phones, tablets, and other devices that run on the Android operating system.

Q. What are PrinterShare’s best features?

The best feature of PrinterShare is that it works across different devices. Many printing apps only work with certain printers, but PrinterShare works with a wide array of printers. PrinterShare also offers several upgrades for those users who want to access more features from the app.


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