How to Get Unlimited Gems in CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars MOD APK 2.36

CATS:The cat controls the fighting robot

Its acronyms show a sense of humor, as Crash Arena Turbo Stars sounds serious when written out in its original form. The game Crash Arena Turbo Stars shares a similar design with CATS because it is a fighting robot video game in which the robots are controlled by funny-looking cats. Furthermore, you can see how robots and cats can be modified in great detail, to include their appearance, colors, and parts of their bodies.

Your cat starts the game. 

Basically, a few lines of introductory text from a bulky cat at the beginning of the game. “Ok, are you ready?” it asks at the end of each instruction, scowling as it guides you through each step. Defend yourselves!”.

Following those little tips, you’ll come to the screen where you can customize your cat’s appearance. Since the game does not focus on these cats, there aren’t many options to choose from. The fact that they can create a new breed of cat that no one else has is enough to make players happy, especially if they cat lovers.

Build the robot to be ready for battle.

It all started with cats, and now it is all about the robot. There are so many options for customization of the robot car that each part can be selected. Additionally, robots’ features, abilities, and abilities to fight also vary according to their parts.

Do not underestimate the importance of equipping your robot with the most effective and appropriate weapon. It is ideal to select the firearm that fits the robot’s size best. However, there is a diverse range of firearms as well. You will have difficulty moving your weapon if it is too big for your robot.

Fighting takes place during the matches. In this game, your goal is to defeat your opponent’s robot to win loot, including items, money, and upgrade cards…

It’s a fierce and exciting battle 

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Mod apk takes place in extremely humorous, interesting, and fierce battles, bringing excitement every time. Particularly satisfying is watching the enemy lose the fight, quickly remove the parachute, and flee with a look of extreme cowardice.

As the war goes on, battle scenes alternate with scenes of sniping, squeezing, head-banging, and even scenes of two robots being dragged and spun like turtles. I think it’s hilarious. Ultimately, the robot with the fastest engine wins.

Until now, I’ve only told you a few scenes from the story. As the story progresses, the intensity of the battles increases. Both your robot and the robot of your opponent are promoted at this point. Robots with bigger physiques rush mercilessly towards each other. The game now has heavy weapons as well, such as rockets, lasers, long-range guns, etc.

The reward for the winning cat

As well as receiving rewards after playing the game, you may also receive some smaller rewards if you accumulate points, upgrade cards, or perform short-term boosts. A premium reward can be a robot, an item, a medal, or money.

You can challenge yourself in a variety of modes.

In addition to these modes, CatS allows you to play with AI or share your game with friends online. For now, the online mode is not complete, so you need to play using AI to progress, which is filled with numerous levels and challenges. You simply fight, upgrade your robot, then keep fighting stronger opponents in Quick Fight mode.

As a result of the game’s high level (Championship), there are five major tournaments to choose from: the Wood League, the Iron League, the Cobra League, the Silver League and the Gold League. The level of aggression you face will also vary depending on your choice.

It is a very valuable reward in return. This is how your robot would transform from the original minimal, gentle car into a monster after winning a championship round. What are your feelings?

You will also be included in the rankings of the tournament after the match is over, depending on your performance. It is an exciting and satisfying experience to watch yourself go from the bottom to the top of the board by slowly crushing all your competitors.

Graphically stunning, the music is indescribable. 

It must have excellent graphics in order to achieve that desirable position. There is a lot of playful satire in this piece. There is a great variety in the 3D perspectives.

Aside from the music, each collision is sound, engine starting, and weapon firing are all integrated into the scene. There is a strong similarity between all of them.

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