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By | 03/09/2021

The vampire will attack if you do not protect yourself! Is it necessary to blindly await death? Ladies, let’s name them! Hundreds of millions of gamers all over the world await you! It is only the beginning of the conflict…

The world has fallen to a genetic illness leading to an apocalypse. You may be the commander of the remaining humans who are ensnared in the ruins of a college.  In  Zgirls Mod Apk you will be able to collect and practice your own personal zombie-killing squad of pretty young ladies. They will be taken care of outside the college by them.

Flesheaters are coming in large numbers, and you are the only hope to save the world!

Storyline Zgirls Mod

An elementary school girl is saving the world from vampires in a video game. Her school has no other girl, and everyone else has been killed by zombies. She is the only girl at her school. As the Zgirls Apk Mod player, you must control and defend that beautiful girl. 

In order to train the rest of the girls for the zombie fight, you will be charged with charging the main character. Educate the girls on how to fight so that they can save the world from the zombies. Your fellow survivors and you will be approached by a strand of them. In order to survive, you and your friends will have to kill every wave.

Zgirls mod apk
  • (MOD, Unlimited Money) Zgirls pro apk need to defend themselves from the approaching zombies! Rather not wait for death blindly? You girls need to get together! Hundreds of thousands of players across the globe await your arrival! It’s just the beginning of the war…
  • Zgirls Strategy Game: The world has been devastated by a mass outbreak of zombies after a massive viral attack. In the ruins of an old school, the last humans are trapped, and I am their commander.


1. With the new version, spring has taken over the campus, everything is revived, and spring scenes are enabled

2. You can now view the enablers you’ve unlocked conveniently in the Dorm with Enabler Checklist

3. Students can use their Z badges (Normal) to access an exclusive prize pool: the Student Union

4. A few icons in the main interface have been adjusted in terms of the zoom ratio

5. You uploaded a custom avatar that has been optimized for clarity

Zgirls Mod Features

Zgirls Apk’s main features and highlights are discussed here for your convenience so you can get a feel for its most important highlights.

  • Upgrading the base
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Query
  • Progression
  • Don’t back down
  • Accessibility
  • Leadership
  • Join now
  • Diamonds without limit
  • Money without limits
  • No advertisements
  • Engage strangers in play
  • Support your army with the best equipment
Zgirs unlimted everything

Base upgrade

In order to defeat zombies, you must improve your base, since each stage brings more and more zombies and you must prepare for their assault.

Whenever you encounter zombies and the rest of your enemies, you must upgrade yourself and your base mates with new equipment.

Equipment Manufacturing

You can make your base and force more effective by manufacturing new equipment. As the stages progress, zombies’ power will increase, so you have to upgrade yourself and your base.


Along with 30 Million other active users, you will have access to many events. As you progress, you’ll be faced with many quests and events.


You can add new friends to your team in this game so you can play with them in real life too. You can add as many users in Zgirls Mod apk unlimited diamonds you wish.


With the progress bar at top of the character, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your health during the zombie fight.


In addition to its well-developed interface, users will find the game quite addictive.

Don’t back down

You will be able to win by defeating the zombies by making your force in the base and training them.


In order to play the Mod Zgirls apk, your device must be running on an Android operating system that is at least 4.2 and has a compatible version of the application.


It is possible to compare your score with the other players on the leaderboard by comparing your score with theirs.

Join now

The application would not work unless you also installed and used Google Play Store.

Trophy of Honor 

A player’s success is determined by the number of honor points they have earned in the Zgirls apk hack.


Despite its simplicity and ease of use, this application will be intuitive to even those lacking any technical knowledge.


For new users, all gestures will be defined with the user manual for the first time so that they can control the character with the control buttons on the screen.

Updates to come:

1. We will be adding arena runes for Original Project troops

2. Glory level will be expanded to include arena talent

3. It was announced recently that the Mech Ascension System (using the same components) had been released

Final thoughts

In response to the popularity of zombie-based movies, developers developed this game in which players can fight with monsters, which is a Rambo-chasing game, which is called ” Zgirls Mod apk “.

We recommend you give this game a try if you like thrills, and if you enjoy zombies-based movies. You won’t regret it.


Where can I download Zgirls?

There is, however, only the official version of this Zgirls apk available on Google Play, not a modded one.

In-app purchases are available in Zgirls?

The official version of the game has in-app purchases.

Can Zgirls be installed safely?

In both cases, z you can install both versions safely and securely on a mobile device, whether official or modded.

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