Download Wrestling Revolution 3D (MOD, Unlocked) 1.718 free on android

By | 12/02/2022

Looking for some real actions as you’re free to control your bulky character in Wrestling Revolution 3D mod apk. Create your own characters as you pick up this awesome wrestling challenge and challenge your opponents in epic brawls.

Choose between a variety of different tournaments as you help your hero to fulfill his dreams of becoming the best wrestler of all time. Challenge all kinds of opponents in epic fights with or without proper regulations

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If you’re a wrestling fan and would love to embark on the ultimate journey of a champion in the making wrestler, then you’ll definitely find Wrestling Revolution 3D enjoyable.

That being said, the game introduces gamers to every aspect of a wrestler’s life and the paths that you’ll have to follow. Create your own characters with unique traits, start your career by participating in simple fights, then gain enough experiences and reputations to move to higher tournaments.

Find yourself a manager and sponsors that could help to develop your careers. Work hard and you’ll have the chances to fight with the big boys in the world championship. And of course, the exciting and hilarious wrestling mechanics would certainly make you satisfy.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy the biggest wrestling simulator on your mobile devices

For the first time, Android gamers will have the chances to experience this awesome and addictive wrestling game on your mobile devices. Find yourself having access to all the unique aspects of the wrestling business, not just inside the right also the businesses that happen outside of it.

Create your own characters, practice and train your skills so you may enter the tournaments, sign deals with a famous manager and have yourself appear in the most popular wrestling events.

The game is reserved for the most hardcore wrestling fans as you’ll have the chances to pick up multiple activities as a pro wrestler, from negotiating contracts to pick up your tough fighting schedules. The road to becoming a legendary wrestler require a great amount of effort.

Create your own characters with unique customizations

To start with, the game introduces gamers to the interactive character customizations where they could easily create unique characters from the given options. Feel free to let your creativity do the work and have your own wrestler in this game

On top of that, as you dive deeper into the game, there will be more interesting features for you to pick up. Dress up your wrestler in all kind of costumes and customize your entrance music to how you wanted.

Find yourself going against hundreds of wrestlers across the world

Gamers in Wrestling Revolution 3D mod apk will find themselves being introduced to the real challenges as you climb the ladders to become a famous professional wrestler. That being said, you’ll have to take on more than 300 different characters that are spread in multiple promotions in the game.

Take on each promotion with the following being much more difficult than the previous. Take on tougher challengers each time you step on the ring.

Simple and intuitive controls

Wrestling Revolution 3D mod apk features relatively simple touch controls which allow gamers to quickly get familiar with the gameplay and combats. In addition, you’ll also have access to the intuitive tutorials that’ll teach you how to effectively fight in Wrestling Revolution 3D.

Make uses of the effective trainings to help your characters

To make your characters more capable to deal with the escalating fights, you’ll have to prepare yourself properly, both physically and mentally for the challenges. Start by getting familiar with the combats through multiple trainings. Learn to fight effectively in a ring, discover multiple skills as you kick your opponent’s butt.

Explore the unique fights with varied rings

With Wrestling Revolution 3D premium apk, gamers will have their chances to experience the most enjoyable wrestling challenges. Start by fighting in different arenas with unique ring shapes. You can even enjoy yourself in the first-ever War Games.

On top of that, the fights in Wrestling Revolution 3D isn’t just about getting the best results by beating down your opponents in a few seconds. Instead, you’ll have to learn to entertain your viewers through realistic acting. Try your best to give them the most satisfying experiences as you help to keep the ticket price high.Graphics

The game introduces gamers to the simple 3D graphics which make it accessible on most of the current Android devices. However, that doesn’t mean that the game looks bad in any means. In facts, the unique animation system even allows it to feature smooth skill combination. Thus, allowing for more satisfying fights, especially with your chain wrestling moves.

In addition, you’re also allowed to enjoy the game from multiple camera angles, which can be varied depending on your personal preferences. And most importantly, the adjustable graphics will allow you to enjoy the smooth and satisfying gameplay on multiple Android devices.


Along with the interesting graphics, Wrestling Revolution 3D also introduces gamers to the immersive audio experiences. That being said, you can find yourself fighting in an epic ring, surrounded by thousands of screaming fans. What could be more exciting than that?


The hardcore wrestling fans will definitely find this Wrestling Revolution 3D mod apk interesting as it allows you to fully immerse in the world of wrestlers and the wrestling businesses. On top of that, the epic brawls which feature up to 20 fighters each will be extremely fun to watch and take part in. So, don’t you miss it!

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