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By | 21/11/2020

Whenever smartphones invented its becomes easier to talk with someone and text others through them in the whole universe, that conducts a new circle. As well it monetized the whole system  through his essential factors.

The main twist when WhatsApp came into view it increases its popularity sprightly. At this time around about 1 billion people are using this app .but for now we are talking about WHATSAPP PLUS APK completely. A proxy app brings more features and possessions. Just you need to read this article completely to find more enough.

Using Snapchat you are Able to Sent Video with a Built-in Filter which makes the video more interesting. Also, check the Telegram App and Decide which one is the best option for You.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK

Whatsapp apk is a modded app that exactly works like WhatsApp but the interesting thing is that it consists of more enough features than the original one. It was launched in the market in 2012, Developer and senior XDA member Rafalete created this App by amending the original WhatsApp app. He interchanged the basic code provide a new port,

Rafael inserted some more features and properties which are later discussed in the article.

Is This a Safe App?

Many people think that this is an illegal app and it  is not safe for use because they think that asphalt can switch the code and can steal your  personal  information but this is not much true,

Whatsapp plus apk file is completely pure and save for use and any kind of information is completely save in this app.

What to do if get banned?

The latest version of this app is totally anti-ban and you will never get banned from WhatsApp if by some error you will get banned then see the guide below for what to do about it.

  1.  support@whatsapp.com mail in the send option.
  2. Note down your problem about getting on the message box and send it.

What’s new in the Latest Version of Whatsapp plus?

  • Secure all the bugs
  • New features are introduced like themes, setting design, launcher icons.
  • The anti-ban features have been upgraded.
  • distinct languages are also introduced like Hindi, Spanish, etc

Features of Whatsapp Plus APK

The internal layout of this application is the same as WhatsApp .but there are more than enough features and performances which are included in Whatsapp Plus APK.

  • Wallpaper :

This is the phenomenal attribute of this classy app it includes immense wallpapers. As we know everyone loves colors and beauty and this is the full pack of charming colors wallpapers. You can put your favorite wallpaper on your chat screen

  • Auto- Reply:

This feature is available in business WhatsApp accounts .but Whatsapp Plus came with this attribute so by using this application you can set an auto-reply message to the users you want to send.

  • Theme Facility:

This app simply grants users to select the themes which are distinctive and appealing to the eyes. You can also choose the text buttons and graphics. Meanwhile, the original WhatsApp does not allow any customization.

The whole UI is customizable. And the main thing is you do not have to install any theme individually.  Over seven hundred plus themes are available there

It downloads the theme by itself and set them by date, name and,version 

  • Advanced File Sharing::

The original WhatsApp permits only 16 MB files that produce hesitation among the data distributors by this application you can share up to 50 MB files which are more reliable for the users.

(The option of advanced sharing is only present in this app. You can also layout file modification from 2 MB to 50 MB.)

  • Cleaner:

Through this app, you can delete the unnecessary chats and history data completely without any misconceptions

  • Recording Status

The only app which can provide the facility to record the status. It can only happen in Whatsapp Plus APK.

  • Sharing :

This app permits the user to share the data in a way that the original WhatsApp does not permit.You can easily share audio video through this, no matter the video is of 50 MB or audio of 100 MB

  • Hide Blue Ticks

You can say that this is another charming feature of Whatsapp Plus APK that it hides the blue ticks and let others do not know that you have seen their messages in official WhatsApp this facility is missing.

How to install WhatsApp Plus:

You want to know about the installer Guide of WhatsApp Plus click here:

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