Weed Firm Mod Apk 2022 (Unlimited Money, Cash)

By | 12/02/2022

Become the next weed tycoon as you join others in Weed Firm 2: Back to College. Pick up your interest in growing weeds and start planting the highest quality weed in the back of your yard. Create the most delicious and powerful pack of weeds and sell them to all kinds of customers around you.

In this version, our main character will return to his college to start a semester. It’s your job to look for new connections and develop your underground weed dealing network. Keep working on your weed farm to produce the best pieces of weed.

Sell them to the people in your school and let them have a taste of paradise. Use the money to develop your businesses, collect new strains of weeds and start planting them.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Build up and expand your weed growing empire will all kinds of marijuana

Gamers in Weed Firm 2: Back to College will have the chance to explore the massive and enjoyable weed growing business where you can experience multiple strains of marijuana. Pick up the well-known White Widow and Purple Haze seeds and have them planted in your establishments.

Expand your weed growing empire to the next level by importing all kinds of weeds and start planting them. Give you customers multiple choices so they’re guaranteed to satisfy with the products.

Market and sell your products to a variety of different customers

With your high-quality packs of weeds ready to serve, gamers in Weed Firm 2: Back to College will find themselves selling their products to all kinds of customers. Interact with exotic dance, a rap duo, the college cheerleaders, the “seem nice” librarian, your teachers, and so on. You’ll be surprised to find out how many people you could sell your products to.

Keep growing and customize your shop to attract customers and protect your properties

And as you earn profits selling grasses to your customers, you can also access multiple in-game features to attract more customers and build your reputation. That being said, the game features a customizable shop where you can display your goods and attract customers with all the awesome decorations and furniture.

It’s important to have your shop upgraded so you can display more goods as well as attract more customers. And more importantly, you can have your goods protected from devious intruders.

Participate in new grass businesses

To keep your business always at the top, it’s important that you keep yourself updated on the latest cannabis trends. That being said, you should always ready yourself to start planting new stuff by Weed Firm cracked apk. Grow weird goods such as the magic mushrooms, grasses from multiple countries from Mexico, Ecuador, to Intergalactic products. Always be ready to dive into new business in Weed Firm 2: Back to College

Go as far as opening an intergalactic portal to sell your goods to aliens

On top of that, the game even goes as far as allowing gamers to have their own intergalactic portal, from which, the aliens can easily visit your shop and have a taste of your delicious treats. Sell your finest mushrooms and grasses to the exotic aliens. And build your reputation in space.

Mod Features

It is the modified version of the original game. It is a fully hacked and cracked version. You can earn a lot of features in the game. These features make the game more interesting. Some of the weed mod features are below here:

Unlimited Money And Coins

In the weed farmer mod apk, you will need a lot of money to get more updates. Also, you need money to customize your shop and expand your business. So download the mod version of the game, and get unlimited money and coins without any cost.

Free To Play

This game is free. You will not have to pay anything to download this version. You can download this game from our website. And also, there are no ads in the weed firm download mod.


What is the size of this game?

The average size of the game is 45MB.

Is anyone can play this game on Android devices?

Yes, indeed, you can play this game on devices like android, PC, and tabs.

How to get unlimited coins in Weed Firm Mod Apk?

With the help of weed firm game download apk, You can get unlimited coins and money without any cost.


Fans of the original Weed Firm Mod apk: RePlanted will definitely find this latest game from Koolbros enjoyable. For those who wish to experience having a weed growing business, then the game is definitely your chance. Experience the unique life of Ted Growing as he interacts himself to the underground world of the criminal community. Overcome all kinds of difficulties along your way as you name yourself as the greatest weed grower. And of course, you’ll be sure to have fun with our modified version of the game.

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