Download Truecaller Premium v11.68.7 APK + MOD (Gold/Pro Unlocked)

truecaller mod apk

Among your mobile device’s essential applications is Truecaller Premium APK (MOD Gold Member Unlocked). With this app, you can stay connected to those who matter and stay free of unwanted calls.

With an array of caller-identification and call blocking features, as well as flash messaging, voice recording, Chat & Voice, Truecaller Premium Apk is among the most popular smartphones applications.

Besides caller ID, Truecaller also blocks spam calls and SMS. Overall, 25 crore people trust Truecaller to handle their communication needs. Those who matter to you are connected with you, and the unwanted is filtered out.

All Premium features are available for Rs.49 per month, including no advertising, who watches my profile, and call recording.

Truecaller Apk: an introduction

Truecaller, an application created by True Software Scandinavia AB, is a powerful and unique application that allows users to identify callers, block unwanted calls, provide push notifications, and much more. Google Play currently has more than 12 million positive reviews for this app. More than 500 million users currently trust it. 

You should not miss Truecaller if you need an application that helps you manage your communication needs. TrueCaller Premium App is an invaluable tool that allows users to look up a phone number in their area. This application will help you find out which number belongs to who without calling.”

It is a global number lookup mobile application, referred to it. Therefore, you can locate the owner of any Mobile number through this app without contacting them.

Unidentified calls or spam calls are commonly received by you? How about blocking those contacts or other annoying ones on your smartphone? it can help you do this. Identifying the fact of incoming callers in the phone is a utility that is no longer available for smartphones. 

With this app, you can find out a person’s number, name, picture, region, email, and even how they are contacting you. Incoming calls will no longer display “non-public numbers” or “unknown numbers.”. 

Android’s alternative dialer app is Truecaller hack apk . The default application for Android gives you the chance to tweak the dialing environment for your mobile phone. Users can contribute millions of telephone numbers to the spam list by using this application. You can communicate with your contacts. 

It enables you to view all of the information about a caller ID that you hadn’t previously saved. Therefore, you will not be contacted by telemarketers, fraudsters, or telemarketers. You can mark unwanted calls with this community service app. 

When you have Truecaller Premium, you will not be able to use other phone numbers to post texts or make calls. App users can call any number they want or block, or even hold, incoming calls and messages using the app’s elegant dialing environment. Many other features are available, such as recording conversations and keeping call history in the cloud. Truecaller is now available for download. By blocking unsolicited calls from the app’s database, you can block any call that comes in. Even creating a blacklist is an option if you frequently receive spam calls.

This application allows users to track unwanted calls with Truecaller Premium Mod APK. By downloading this app, you’ll have access to Truecaller’s premium gold features without paying.  In addition, it lets you see their numbers and even photos so that you can find and block the unwanted numbers and that way without seeing any advertisements.


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Truecaller mod apk: How useful is it to you?

It isn’t uncommon to miss calls from unknown numbers, and you don’t know who’s calling, so using Truecaller Premium Apk you can learn the information you need without calling him back.

True caller Premium Apk – Key Features

  • You’ll receive a notification when someone views your Truecaller profile.
  • No Ads – No annoying banner ads on Truecaller.
  • Record phone calls with Call Recording. (No longer works on Android Pie and Q)
  • View other’s profiles incognito with no one being aware of you.
  • When you make a call, your badge looks professional.
  • You can submit an additional 30 contact requests a month.
  • You will receive a gold badge if you tell others that you have gold caller ID.

Mods Of Truecaller

  • Membership to Gold has been unlocked.
  • All features in premium are unlocked.
  • Maps of locations.
  • Backing up your drives.
  • The graphics have been optimized.
  • Resources must be cleaned.
  • Crashlytics should be disabled.
  • Shortcuts are not allowed.

For those who want to know more about the features and would like to see a simple video showing how to use Truecaller Premium Apk, I have provided them in the following description and description at the end.

What Trucaller Premium Apk offers(Mod)

Messaging smarts

truecaller mod apk ytricks allows you to communicate with your friends and family free of charge by using smart messaging 

The system automatically identifies unknown SMSes and calls.

Messages telemarketing and spam are blocked automatically

Series of names and numbers for blocks

Dialer that can be trusted

Caller ID and caller identification are the best in the world with Truecaller

Telemarketers and spam are blocked

In the history of calls, you will also find the names of unknown numbers

Records and downloads important phone calls

Send emoji, location, and status to your friends in an instant

Google Drive enables you to backup your contacts, messages, and call history through this app

Premium version of Truecaller

  • Knowing who recently visited your Truecaller profile enhances your security even more
  • As a premium member, you won’t be alerted when you view someone else’s profile. There is no way for you not to know when someone views yours
  • Truecaller’s ad-free experience is made possible by removing all ads
  • You will look professional when you call someone when they see the premium badge on their caller ID
  • Adding more contacts on Truecaller – Meet new people. For phone numbers and other information, you can send up to 30Requests
  • A powerful blocker that automatically updates top spammers, extends top spammer lists, blocks Indian telemarketers

The Gold version of Truecaller

  • Subscribers with truecaller Gold apk will be able to see their gold caller ID when making a call
  • Several premium features, including recording of calls, who viewed your profile, and no ads as well
  • The support agents are more likely to respond to your queries if you choose High Priority support
  • Recharges and payments via UPI via Truecaller Pay (*India only):
  • Money transfers made safe, fast, and secure – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Paying bills and recharging mobile phones quickly
  • BHIM-UPI ensures you have seamless access to all of your bank accounts
  • Billers will soon be able to pay
  • The security offered by ICICI Bank meets bank standards

What about other questions about mod truecaller

What is the method for getting Truecaller’s premium for free?

Get a free one-year premium subscription to True Caller

This is the first step. Firstly, visit the play store and get the TrueCaller app.

Here are two examples. Activate the application and install it.

The third point is. Fill in your valid details to sign up and log in.

The fourth point is. You can access the Search Bar directly.

This is the fifth point. Use the search bar to find #ILOVETC.

This is the sixth point. Once your promo code has been accepted, you will receive an email notification

This is the seventh point. It’s done!

Mod Truecaller: How does it work?

A truecaller apk mod collection includes all of the users’ (people who use the application) contacts (mobile phone book) from all over the world as well as the public phone directory. Truecaller uploads all the contacts a person has in their database when they download and install the app. Truecaller shows the name someone has saved in their phone book when you search for a number.

This app saved your phone number as “Mr.” I am using this app to call you. I will now show your name that is “Mr. X” on truecaller if someone searches with your number. The letter “x”

Where can you find instructions on removing your phone number from Truecaller?

Unlisting your number from Truecaller’s website will prevent it from appearing in the search results.

In conclusion apk truecaller

Hopefully, I was able to help you to download the Truecaller mod App and get premium features for free.

This version does not currently support call recording.

Feel free to share it with your family and friends as well.

If you encounter any problems, comment below.

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