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By | 20/10/2021

The re-mastered version of Ultimate Spider-Man Total Mayhem apk is now available. This game was not compatible with older Android devices in the past. However, now you can play this game on Android 11 devices with this re-mastered version. Total Mayhem is an action-adventure game from Game loft for Android devices released in 2010.

The game takes place in the Marvel universe and features elements of a fighting game. The goal is to control Spider-Man as he battles his sworn enemies and saves the hostages. Utilize your abilities to defeat powerful opponents, protect civilians, and restore order in New York!  

So are you ready to play an amazing epic game with fighting features? Do not leave because we are going to tell you about the amazing features and all about this game.

The battle of friend or foe

  • Spider-man’s shattered dimensions make the superheroes a lot of fun to play. The game features the most wanted edge of time of the man, whether friend or foe, fighting the super-villains.
  • As Spider-Man, you have all the power of the amazing man and need to defeat Doctor Octopus in order to survive the amazing battle of your Spider-man.
  • The amazing man battles the spider hero crime of New York without a friend or foe to fight away venom and doctor octopus bit super-villains of total mayhem on the edge of time.
  • You are now ready for the ultimate spider men shattered dimensions fight where you will hit, bite, and defeat venom to unlock the web of shadows battle with your player the amazing man battle.

Ultimate spider man total mayhem free download:

Among the enemies, you’ll encounter in the game are Venom, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, and many others. To defeat the enemies, you’ll need to use different attacks at different times. Monitor your life scale carefully to fill it as quickly as possible. Clear different locations of enemies and save civilians.

Fight against evil forces and the city’s six strongest enemies who have united to create chaos and disorder. Save the weak and innocent, and do everything you can to become a real superhero. By playing this game you will be able to use a variety of combinations for blows. Make a web through which you can move and attack enemies! If you are familiar with this you can easily download this app from our website without any cost. Just follow the steps given in how to download.

Spider-Man Total Mayhem: The Ultimate Game

Download this best Android game based on Spiderman today if you’re a fan of this web-slinger. The best part of this awesome app is that it’s free to use for anyone who wants to play an action-adventure game with spiderman games. Alternatively, you can try Spider-Man Unlimited Apk which is another interesting spiderman game such as Marvel Super Hero Squad: Team Up and Avengers Initiative. Gameloft Studio also developed it.

A few highlights:

  • 3D addictive fights (total mayhem, edge of time, friend or foe) in Ultimate Spider Shattered Dimensions.
  • A creative spider battle fighting man, challenging levels with increasing difficulty, and well-designed levels.
  • The Grand Town and enemies (Venom, Doctor Octopus, and supervillains) in different grand hero crime fights.
  • There are many power-ups, bonus levels, the Spider-Man Power, hidden extras, and bonus items in this game.
  • High-resolution graphics and 3D graphics.
  • The Battles game music is non-copyrighted.
  • The game can be controlled perfectly using the control pad, just like the games on a console.
  • Try to unlock all achievements, unlock more characters, and play the amazing man battle fighting game.

Following are instructions:

  • The control pad lets you easily control the ultimate spider shattered dimensions fight and kill the villains across all the web of shadows fight stages.
  • By pressing the B button, you can control the weapons used by players and which characters Press the A button and move right or left to activate a super-power.
  • Collect superheroes as you play to maximize your score.

SpiderMan Total Mayhem Apk: How to use it

Playing Spiderman games is your favorite pastime? What is your favorite aspect of Spiderman’s gameplay? I like it too. There will soon be an Android game that is very similar to Spiderman. Spidey’s adventures and actions will be presented in a different way in this Spider-Man game.

Features Of Spider-Man Total Mayhem apk:

  • With over 20 combo hits, the game is ultra-dynamic.
  • The ability to fly around the city using the web, as well as capture enemies, is included.
  • Comic-style graphics, bright colors, and impressive slow-motion animations create an incredible atmosphere.
  • There are 6 powerful enemies in the game: Sandman, Rhino, Electro, Venom, Dr Octopus, and Green Goblin.
  • There are 12 levels to complete in different difficulties.
  • You can open a black suit of armor.

Total Mayhem mod requirements:

Make sure your android device meets the minimum requirements before you begin Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD Download.

  • Android version 2.3.3 or higher required
  • Testing performed on Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3
  • Total file size: 3 MB
  • 149 MB of data for the .obb file
  • 1 GHz processor or higher
  • 1 GB of RAM

How to download Spider-Man: Total Mayhem hack apk :

For Spider-Man Total Mayhem Free Download, click the download button at the bottom of this page.

  • First, install the apk file.
  • Then place the data folder in the SD Card/Android/OBB/ folder.
  • If you do not see an Obb folder in the Android folder, create one and place the data folder in it.
  • Start the game.
  • Is your installation blocked?
  • Select Security > Unknown sources from your Settings.


So now we are going to conclude our article. Now you are ready to play this action and fighting game. The people who love Spider-Man really enjoy this game. We discussed all the features and downloading steps you can easily download Spider-Man total Mayhem apk from our site.

FAQs Of Spider-Man Total Mayhem Apk:

How many enemies we have to fight in this game?

There are 6 powerful enemies in the game Sandman, Rhino, Electro, Venom, Dr. Octopus, and Green Goblin. You have to fight with these enemies.

Spider-Man Unlimited is an offline game?

It was also known for its regular, time-limited, special events. Spider-Man Unlimited announced in June 2014, became available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone on September 10, 2014.

What is the game like? 

A game of adventure. In this game, you will be able to web-swing around New York while fighting crime and doing acrobatic tricks.

Does it have multiplayer?

 It won’t have multiplayer, but there will be leaderboards (not sure how they’ll handle this since it’s a single-player game).

Is there any special features on the Android phone/Tablet version?

 You can adjust Spidey’s balance by tilting your device left and right using your device’s gyroscope. That way, if you’re swinging across a building with his webs, he won’t fall off if you tilt your device left or right.

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