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By | 09/03/2022

In the past few days, I have played this interesting game for a total of 19 hours. I know, you may not believe me, but it is a very attractive game. Soul Knight mod apk is a combination of RPG and shooter game genres that probably not only me and you are always wishing to experience even once. This is a product of ChillyRoom, it supports both Android and iOS and is released completely free.

Soul Knight is super smooth and fun, mixing elements in RPG and shooter genre, I’m sure after the game, it will be the best shooter you find on Google Play. and Appstore up to this point. With Soul Knight, you will be able to explore the dark world of the dark castle, collect weapons, dodge bullets, and destroy everything.

The magic stone that works to maintain the balance of the world has been stolen by aliens. Now you have to find it again to return to its original state. The disadvantage is emerging but ignores it to focus on what needs to be done. The Soul Knight has all the weapons needed to fight when needed. You are equipped with unlimited attack power. Everything is relatively complete, next you need to play the main character and fight!

Features of soul knight mod


Heroes in this game are very unique. Each hero has distinct qualities, that make the game so enjoyable. The player can choose any hero of their choice and play the game in a new way.

Weapons of soul knight mod

The weapons are also in a huge variety. Almost 270 weapons are present that takes the game to a whole new level of fun and excitement.

Dungeon World

The levels are endless as they automatically get regenerated in the dungeon world. This feature makes the game so different as there is no stop. The interest level never goes down because at every level a new experience is waiting.

NPCs: NPCs that really have significant value will be by your side and will fight for you.

Auto Aim

The auto-aim mechanism is very amazing. It is for super intuitive control.

Golden Cudgel: There is an increase in the weapon. A new super powerful weapon Golden Cudgel is just added to the game. It is the new boss weapon.


The skills have been improved a lot and many more new skins have been added to the game. Now you can play with more skins and good skills sets.

Bugs: The bugs have been removed and now the game is even more good to play.


  • A series of journeys awaits players as they progress through floors filled with dangerous monsters.
  • The amount of rewards in the chests that they can get is completely unexpected, including powerful destructive weapons.
  • You can experience this game with other players in multiplayer mode and prepare yourself because the challenge will often be more difficult.
  • Killing the boss is necessary on each floor if you wish to go to the next floor and get new powers.
  • The number of characters and weapons is diverse, and players can unlock them and choose their play style.

Conclusion of soul knight mod

I love Soul Knight, it gives me quite a lot of fun. All that said, Soul Knight is a simple, free game. If I were you, I would immediately download and play after reading this article. You can download Soul Knight on your phone through the appropriate links below, there are both the original and the MOD for you (the MOD version will include many gems, unlock all characters.

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