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By | 15/03/2022

Dr. Eggman is teaming up with Zazz to destroy the world that Sonic and his friends live in. Since the last time he was expelled from Earth, Eggman has been seeking revenge and his return this time is to steal the power to create the destroyed machine Fortunately, Sonic dash soon discovered this plan. He followed in the footsteps of Eggman and Zazz’s subordinates to regain energy. The endless chase journey begins here. Don’t leave him alone. Now, let’s join Sonic in his adventure.

The best Endless Runner game

Sonic Dash is a featured game in the Endless-Runner genre. In it, the character will automatically move when entering the challenge. You will perform the jump, slide, or move to the left and right to dodge obstacles. Overall, its gameplay is quite familiar and simple to approach.

As Sonic begins to move, a series of obstacles appear to stop him. You need to focus on the road ahead to evade the sharp spines that are on duty to pierce the weak blue skin. I used to make Sonic hurt when running through it. The rings that I took up collecting along the way were dropped, while Sonic blinked as if he says, don’t do that again. I tried harder but still made a mistake, I lose that game. Don’t be like me.

Sonic Dash has an interesting point. It is designed with more features to stimulate players’ discoverability, which is the quest system. For other endless runner games like Temple Run or Subway Surfers, the journey is a straight line that lasts forever and never ends. But Sonic Dash is broken down into small stages and each of which has goals to accomplish.

In the first stage, the game said that they would give me red stars if I collected 50 golden rings and defeated 15 enemies. It is quite easy to complete.

Avoid the obstacles

What you face does not stop there. At the intersection of the two stages, Sonic jumped high to cross the abyss, but because of that, he faced Boss Dr. Eggman and Zazz brutally. They use the weapons to destroy Sonic, and constantly drop down the road to the deadly bombs. The pressure was even more compressed when their attack speed was faster and closer. You need to have good reflexes and ingenuity to overcome obstacles.

But, that doesn’t last forever. The Boss will leave but new threats will appear. Larger wooden planks appear on the road, the brutal crabs can kill Sonic at any time. So were the wormholes, which caused him to move to a narrower path so that he wouldn’t be eaten by the sharks down there.

Features of Sonic Dash MOD

Embark on a whole new journey on Sonic Dash

To start with, Android gamers will find themselves in for a completely new challenge with our Sonic friend as you help him run across multiple obstacles and enemies. With simple and intuitive controls, you can easily get familiar with the gameplay and enjoy it in no time.

And in this endless running game where the challenges will keep on increasing, what will you do to survive? Your only option is to run, keep on running, and unleash your potential as you release an epic dash toward the enemies, knocking off all the obstacles.

Discover a whole new evil scheme from Doctor Eggman and try to stop it before he could complete his work.

Enjoy the game with your favorite Sonic characters

In addition, gamers in Sonic Dash can also have access to other famous characters in the franchise like Tails, Shadows, and Knuckles the Echidna. Join them in epic free-run challenges as you try to beat others’ records and your own to become the greatest runner in Sonic Dash.

Unlock their amazing abilities

With each character having their own unique skills and abilities, Sonic Dash introduces gamers to enjoyable free-running gameplay where you can also interact with the game rather than just running and dodging.

That being said, you can make use of their awesome abilities like Sonic’s signature Dash move to blast away barriers, enemies, and the likes. Feel free to use their unique powers so you can gain advantages over your enemies.

Take on the epic bosses along the way

Along with the annoying minions that keep spawning along the way, gamers in Sonic Dash must also deal with the epic bosses that are trying to take you down. Meet Doctor Eggman and the deadly Zazz as you join them in the epic boss battles along the way. Make use of Sonic’s agility and super speed to take them down as they try to approach you. Defeat them and keep on running to the next locations.

Make use of the incredible power-ups

And to help you with your running challenges, the game also features incredible power-ups that are only available in this Sonic Dash. That being said, you can collect the ring magnets to easily collect rings along the way, put on the shields to protect you from obstacles, or even boost your scores with the unique boosters.

Conclusion of Sonic Dash MOD

Sonic Dash is the best Endless-Runner game I have ever known. You will soon feel like me after downloading the game via the links below the article.

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