Slap Kings MOD APK 1.3.8 (Unlimited Money) for Android

By | 30/01/2022

Slap Kings is a game created to assist players in reducing stress after a long day at work. The game has been downloaded to the computer by many players for enjoyment, with the theme of pretty intriguing playing that does not require the device to be connected to the internet or requires you to consume data-free. Unfortunately, the game does not have a plot and focuses solely on gameplay development.

When the game’s premise revolves around the confrontation between the two sides through the “war of the might of the hand,” it’s a lot of fun. But have you ever witnessed a slap competition? Isn’t this something new?


Slap Kings is a turn-based fighting game where each team takes turns slapping each other. When you are the first to begin, you will have an edge. After you’ve finished your blow, your opponent slaps you in the face. Each team’s HP will be displayed for players to see. Naturally, the party that runs out of HP first will lose. 

A KO is almost certain if the player applies moderate and accurate force. At the same time, the character will make some highly significant moves, which will be briefly misinterpreted as a critical effect. At the highest level, your character will slap the opponent, even letting them exit the arena in a disastrous manner, such as flying from the stage.

Players continue to face each other with the following opponent after winning. The degree of difficulty, as well as AI intelligence, will steadily rise. At the same time, the rate of change in the clock will accelerate. As a result, the game is dull for players, not because of the repetitious gameplay.

How to play

Because the gameplay is so essential, the controls will be as well. It is not necessary to complete complex sequences; instead, players must align correctly and tap the screen. As a result, the action phase will be carried out. The force will alter sharply or softly depending on the amount of precision. When the game is created in portrait mode, it is fun to balance since the user can only use one hand to tap.

Design and graphics

The game has a lovely design and is entertaining. The degree of face muscle damage is brought to light lightheartedly. Slap Kings also has a character system with a lot of depth. Other characters are introduced as audience members and the figures that are opponents to the players. They are the ones that infuse each match with zest and passion. Without the interactivity and audience effects, the game will be incredibly dull.


Right! Hearing people clapping in the face or applauding was, to be honest, a lot of enjoyment. But, on the other hand, it gives you the impression that you’re hitting someone in the face.

Overall, the game is entertaining and unique. In addition, the designs create a vivid and eccentric ambiance. As a result, Slap Kings can assist players in dealing with high levels of stress. Parents might consider allowing their children to play if the content is relatively aggressive. If I had to rate the amount of difficulty, I’d give Slap Kings 4/5 stars.

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