SF Tool v38.4 APK Download New Version for FF (Free Fire)

By | 15/02/2022

Indeed, Garena Free Fire is one of the trending shooter games. Its futuristic & idiosyncratic features attract the gamers towards it. Gameplay, graphics, warriors, warfare & thrilling sounds are doubtlessly better than many MOBAs. Everyone can download this game from the Play Store to play it without charges. However, in-game purchases need FF diamonds, coins, golds, points, etc. If you don’t have any of these currencies, you can’t move ahead in the game. For this, SF Tool is an app to unlock FF items without the need for FF currencies.

Just like Skin Tools Pro, it also awards you free skins for Free Fire heroes, guns, and other things. Hence, these tools can modify the normal gameplay to furnish it with premium objects. Once you achieve these advanced elements, it becomes facile for you to defeat others in all the events. Besides all, you don’t have to spend money on in-game currencies. Instead, you directly access the pricey instrument via a bypass system. It is not a legal way at all. Yet, many consider it a gem for gaming.

Do you not have enough currency in your FF wallet? Are you searching for a shortcut to win the Free Fire competitions? If yes, then the SF Tool app will be real support for you. More importantly, the newbies can utilize it wisely to confront the experts. One rule you have to follow essentially, i.e., don’t overuse such tools. Otherwise, you might face serious issues regarding your account. So, less use is the better trick. And now, we will summarize all the good points of SF Tools Free Fire comprehensively. Stay with us.


As you know that this is a FF injector for Free Fire Skins. But still, it is offering impressive features that you may have not witness on any other tool. So, I am going to share some of the basic features of the SF Tool Free Fire Apk right here below. You will get more in future updates.

It is a free app that you can use to unlock all FF skins for free on your Android.

There you can have bundles of VIP Skins along with pets.

There are sticks, emotes, clothes, and many more.

You can have different kinds of skins for GlooWall.

Remove or Inject skins as both of the options are available in the app.

Multiple kinds of skins, as well as stickers, are available for weapons.

It comes up with built-in Anti-Ban and Anti-Detect features.

There is no need for a subscription, password, login, or any kind of Sign up.

And more are coming in future updates.

The following are the freebies in this tool to make your gameplay easy than ever. So, enjoy them while playing the Free Fire on Android devices.

Bundles: This section has costumes for FF characters. Here, you can claim or exchange 10+ different color schemes, individually & collectively too. Hence, modification of your fighters is doable.

Gun Skins: Similarly, FF guns, rifles, shotguns are also customizable by changing their appearances. It also offers 10+ choices free. If you want to destroy the enemies effectively, then utilize this handout.

Gloowall Skin: Besides all, you have 20 effective utilities to provide defensive shelter to your players on the battlefield. Officially, they are attainable via FF diamonds, but you will not pay a single penny for them.

VIP Pack: VIP Pack 1, VIP Pack 2 (Only Bundle), and VIP Pack 3 (All in One) are available at no cost.

So, painlessly customize your dear game.

The SF Tool: Version 7 is an ad-free app for Android devices.

All the material is present into four groups.

Also, passwords & root permissions are not compulsory to use it.

This tool will save your money by donating freebies.

Become a competent player after getting the pro elements.

How to Install

This is a free simple and easy tool that you can use on your Android mobile phones. So, the first thing that you need to do is to download the latest version of the app from this page. Then simply install that on your phone. For that, you just need to click on the downloaded file.

Both of the processes will take a few seconds if you have a faster internet connection. However, if not, then it will not take more than three to four minutes.

So, once you will be done with both of the processes, you need to launch that app on your phone. There you will be asked to Subscribe to your YouTube Channel. But you need to click on the menu and there you will get all the options for skins.

Simply click on any skin and click on the claim option. Then launch the game and there you need to apply that skin that you have claimed through the tool.


Though it is challenging to manipulate the Garena Free Fire yet, SF Tool Apk can do it properly. Moreover, it is free to download & use. However, it requires access to your SD card since it downloads your required material. Installation from unknown sources is also compulsory because it’s a third-party app. So, get the app from this page and check what it can do for you.

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