Rebel Inc

By | 12/03/2022

Rebel Inc MOD APK is a must-have game on your phone if you love politics and have the dream of becoming a governor in the future. We offer you a MOD version of this game. Download this game today via the link below the article and join the rebel.

Rebel Inc is developed by Ndemic Creations, a fairly popular developer on Google Play. Their most outstanding product is Plague Inc, a simulation game with over one hundred million downloads on Google Play. In their latest simulation game, we don’t infect the disease, but instead, you need to build a nation and help people have a better life.

Tips for playing Rebel Inc APK

Considering that this is a strategy game, there is obviously a fairly steep learning curve when it comes to playing the game the most effectively. It helps a lot to have some top tips and tricks so that you can more successfully overcome the challenges that the game throws at you. Here are some of our most critical tips for playing Rebel, Inc.

Play the tutorial. We know that it’s a bit lame, but the tutorial in this game is pretty damn essential if you want to know what’s going on later on when things get more challenging. You can easily get overwhelmed if things don’t go your way in the early stages of the game, so playing through the tutorial will actually help you a lot on your first time playing Rebel, Inc.

Watch your reputation. The game is won when you’ve achieved 100% stability in all the regions. The game is lost if your reputation bar reaches zero – and that can happen pretty quickly if you fail to keep instability and corruption in check. To keep your reputation on a safe level, you’ll want to invest in civilian and public services so that the people can see that you’re on their side. You’ll also want to invest in anti-corruption measures and keep rebel insurgents in check. Don’t let anything get out of control, and better yet, keep the people happy and on your side so as not to fail.

Take your time when spending money. There are loads of ways that you can distribute cash – but be careful, if you invest too much money in one area too soon then inflation will skyrocket and you’ll be left with a serious problem. Try to balance spending in different areas and don’t spend all of your money too soon. Also, bear in mind that you’ll need money to stabilize regions and complete missions, and sometimes events will come out of the blue and you’ll need money at hand to solve these problems

Invest in the military. There are many things that can cause instability to rise, but the main problem is the insurgency. The only way that you can realistically fight the insurgency is with soldiers, so make sure that you invest in the military. This is your trump card, so make sure that you don’t neglect it.


Rebel Inc is a very unique and novel strategy simulation game. It has many political, economic, and military elements. You need a good strategy to ensure the stability and development of your country.

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