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By | 14/09/2021

Traditionally, you need to swap and remove data from your device every time you work on it or store a lot of information. Here is a solution to this problem if you work on your device a lot. RAM issues are easy to resolve with RAM Expander Apk.

An application such as this one can increase the RAM’s performance on any Android phone so that users can use their phones more effectively.

Unlike other guides, this guide to expand ram in Android devices is not the same for every smartphone manufacturer and Android version, so anyone can use it as long as they have Android Gingerbread. So this article will help you to easily expand ram without rooting.

How to increase the RAM of any Android phone (without rooting):

  • Download the Google Play Store app first
  • You now need to open the app
  • You will now see a button that says Boost.
  • It’s just a touch away the Ram Expander apk no root
  • After confirming the action, you will be prompted to confirm
  • Tapping on yes will do
  • Click on settings again and then return to the previous page
  • The Ram Boost Level will appear now in the settings
  • You have now chosen Strong, however, you can choose extreme if you want more memory
  • All done! Due to increased RAM on your Android smartphone, you will notice a big difference in its performance.
Ram Expander without root apk

You can increase ram on any Android without any app by following these steps:

There are still a few other ways to increase ram on your Android device without using apps. Those methods are listed below.

Black wallpaper increases Android’s RAM:

Black wallpapers increase the RAM in Android tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. For instance, dark, black backgrounds increase RAM not only on android tablets but also on phones with AMOLED displays. The truth is black backgrounds increase RAM in Android phones as well as conserve battery life.

Increase RAM in Android by deleting unnecessary apps:

Our android phones contain many apps that we don’t use, yet we keep them as they consume space and RAM even when we don’t use them. If you want to increase the amount of free space and memory on your Android phone, delete all the apps you never use.

RAM Expander Apk

Many mobile applications promise to increase your android phone’s ram or performance, but in fact, they do nothing but consuming excessive ram. It is better not to use such apps.

Remove junk files and the cache in Android to increase RAM:

Files in ram swapper and internal memory do not have a direct relationship in the ram expander apk latest version, but still, if your phone has a lot of data on your SD card or internal memory, you will experience lag and hang. It is recommended to delete all the unnecessary files on your device to make it faster.

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Roehsoft Ram Expander: Increase the RAM of your Android

Features of RAM Expander Apk

The important features of this app are as follows:

Processor Information:

It will not only check battery problems and increase system performance, but it will also identify the reasons why your device is hung. It will show you what is wrong.

Enhances Performance:

You will use this application as your support to speed up your device’s performance as it will not only display the device’s issue but also show you ways to improve it.

Files in the background:

You will be able to utilize more RAM in your device by killing the background application, therefore using your phone in a more efficient and effective way.

Speed up:

Using this application called ram expander pro apk to kill all background applications will result in faster performance on your device.

User interface:

Additionally, the users do not need to have any previous knowledge to use the application, it provides the easiest interface ever so that they can easily use it.

Boost your games with:

In addition, this application will help users to improve their gaming experience with their devices since some android games often occupy large amounts of memory and usually cause users to have lag issues. The application will solve all of these issues.

Problem with the hanger:

If you have a lot of data on your phone, and you find it difficult to delete them all without slowing your device down, this application will also solve your problem.

The application can be used to free your device from the hanging issue, without deleting most of your data.

Memory Cleaner:

RAM Expander No route will also clean up all junk data and cache data from the RAM for the user’s benefit.

This application will help you to remove junk files from RAM, since sometimes many junk files take over the RAM, making it overloaded with unnecessary data.

Information about the system:

This application will show you not only CPU performance but also other details about the device. Such as which applications consume the most memory and which drain the most battery.

How does Roehsoft RAM Expander work?

As a result, a portion of the free storage space on a device is used as additional RAM.

Roehsoft RAM Expander apk creates a Virtual RAM that uses the free space on your device’s internal memory/SD card to create a swapfile, which is technically called swap space.

What is Roehsoft RAM Expander? How does it work?

Step 1: Download Roehsoft RAM Expander from Google Play. The app costs about $10.

 Step 2: License the application by granting Superuser rights. To create a swapfile, the application needs root access.

Step 3: Tap on Optimal Value and select the path where you wish to create the swapfile. Then tap OK.

Alternatively, you can use the Micro SD Card. We recommend the Micro SD Card.

Step 4: You will be presented with four options – multitasking, balanced, gamers, or online gamers. Depending on the reason you want to increase RAM, you can choose any one of these options.

If you want better gaming performance, go with net gamers. To improve overall performance, choose balanced. If you simply want to increase your RAM for better multitasking, choose to multitask.

Click OK to proceed.

You can also tap Cancel instead of OK and manually increase/decrease the size of the Swapfile. If the swapfile is larger, then you will have more RAM. However, don’t go over the optimum value.

Step 5:  If you manually set the size of the swapfile, you need to tap on Swap Activ to create it. Otherwise, it will automatically create the swap file.It may take a few moments to complete the process depending on the size of the swapfile. Due to the size of my swapfile, which was around 1GB, it took me less than a minute.

When the percentage reaches 100%, tap the Close button. Click here for a screenshot.

You’re done.

Now, the question is How will you ensure that your Android phone’s RAM has actually increased?

If you check in the Settings section of your device, you won’t notice any increase. In order to make sure, you need to open the Roehsoft RAM Expander pro apk and look at the VMEM bar.

Does Roehsoft RAM Expander work?

The phone I used to test this app is Motorola Moto G (2nd Generation) and it only has 1 GB of RAM. Prior to using the RAM Expander mod, the performance of the phone was very poor. High-end games were almost impossible to play because of frequent app crashes.

I tested the performance of my Moto G (2nd Gen) for almost three days after installing Roehsoft RAM Expander. A few changes were noticeable.

  • My phone seemed to run faster overall. Apps launched more quickly.
  • Although there were a few app crashes, they were not as frequent as they once were.
  • I played Injustice 2 and Asphalt 8 without experiencing any crashes. When I played Injustice 2 and Shadow Fight 3, there were a few lags and crashes, but Asphalt 8 ran smoothly.

As a result, Roehsoft RAM Expander won’t transform your phone into a supersonic phone. But it will definitely improve its performance. I recommend trying it out.


Here are some ways that you can easily increase ram on Android devices with Ram Expander without root apk. If any of these methods worked for you, let us know in the comments section below. If you know any other way that works to increase the ram of Android, let us know as well.

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