Prison Escape APK

By | 13/03/2022

Prison Escape APK for Android is an action-adventure game that takes you on an adventure of unprecedented tension.

In the game Prison Escape, you plan a historic prison escape and escape prison bars to prove yourself innocent in this gripping, thrilling open-world game.

You want to help make friends with other prisoners, fight criminal gangs in prison to take over the throne, or focus on digging a tunnel to escape when the opportunity arises. The choice is yours!

Prison Escape for Android has guards with guns in hand and constantly looking. Next to them are sniffing dogs ready to chase you at any time. And the bars were never so easy to pass. So you should have a meticulous and wise plan is the key to a successful escape from prison!

Main Features

  • Free to move, explore and fight in a 3D prison world
  • Make your way out through 30 ACTION-PACKED MISSIONS
  • Perform amazing stunts with ragdoll effects in survive mode
  • Intuitive controls so you can play just the way you want

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Prison Escape Reviews

Shreya Singh: This is a very interesting game. I completed all of its levels. It is also a very difficult game. It is a prison. His family was murdered by several men. This is the game where he finds the killer. He works for a team and the main character of the team is the main antagonist. He doesn’t know about it after so many levels he knows it. In the first level, the game is very easy. After many levels the game becomes short-lived. It has many obstacles such as prisoners, CCTV, and police guards.

Helen Owen: This game was for me to fix my car and I love this game. But it’s for you dear and beautiful and I love this picture of what I do with the city and two other rides. I’m not sure how the kids sleep haha. It’s funny, I just want to make sure I send it to your dear friend. How long and then I will let you know when we can meet in the office at the moment. But stunning pictures of you and your game. Think I am very satisfied with the service you are at home or at home or not

Sunil Kumar: Graphics are great games, very easy to control. The difficulty levels and lots of controls are a bit difficult but the game is very nice in this size only 22 MB. I can’t finish it but I would suggest you do download a very interesting game. Thank you, developer.

Sean gwin: This is the first game I played, it has never been like this. So at first, you will have a baseball bat and it will show you how to fight when the game graphics are much better. You can help people now and it has gone so far, great

Binod Sharma: The controls of this game are very good, and gradually it becomes more difficult. The diamonds in this game are very cheap. And if you want to play it means you have to upgrade your skills a lot and be expensive.


Have you ever experienced the thrill of prison escape? Sure no. LOL. Watching the movie is not enough, Prison Escape MOD APK will help you really feel a series of sweaty moments in this difficult situation

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