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By | 06/03/2022

Plague Inc is a simulation game with the fresh gameplay of creating many interesting things. You will have the duty to spread the disease to spread it around the world. It sounds like we’re going to have to do bad things, but that’s the story in Plague Inc. Perhaps you are thinking that this is not difficult at all, you are confident to be able to spread germs wherever you want? But no that’s wrong, players need to have a perfect strategy. The plan will only succeed when everything is well organized. Plague Inc MOD APK for players to master a terrible pandemic that threatens humanity on Earth.

Patient Zero is the name of a pathogen that humans are trying to find a way to neutralize it. Saying that does not mean that you are in control and do whatever you want. Humans still have methods to protect themselves from epidemics, if they want to eliminate them, players need to be more aggressive. Plague Inc is interested in many prestigious names such as New York Daily News, Touch Arcade, Modojo, London Metro, Pocket Lint, Slide to Play, Pocket Gamer and IGN. Now go into the game and start trying to push the epidemic to a climax. Do not let your campaign be extinguished before modern medical methods.



High-definition explicit resolution.

  1. Detailed tutorial and game instructions.
  2. Approximately 12 diseases with different spreading procedures.
  3. Plague Inc. APK allows to spread the disease in more than 50 countries.
  4. Keep track of your progress with scoreboards.
  5. Unlock more achievements as the game proceeds.
  6. Supports multiple languages.
  7. Does not support advertisements.



  1. Allow the device to store file from an unknown source.
  2. Tap the link provided by the website to download the game.
  3. Store in any of your preferred folder in the device.
  4. Install the downloaded file now.
  5. Open the downloaded game.
  6. Follow the instructions the game will provide you with.
  7. Start spreading your virus.

Download Plague Inc Mod latest 1.18.6 Android APK

With awesome graphics, sound effects, and relatively innovative gameplay, this is definitely a game that worth your time. Make sure you give it a check if you’re looking for a fun way to spend your spare time.


Apart from the prevailing situation of COVID-19, there are many movies and games that people are already familiar with. These mediums of entertainment are based on the crisis of pandemics and the solutions and situations during their spread. Plague INC APK is one of those games that has been inspired by both the movie and the game addressing the same subject. It can be easily downloaded via the Google play store and can be played offline. This article has been written to describe a smart alternative for playing this game, Plague INC APK.

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