NIX Injector v1.47 APK Download Latest For ML Android

By | 02/03/2022

MOBA fans are thankful for the sturdy mod apps by which they can enjoy premium gaming tools for free. It’s not economical only but also gives the thumbs up to the new gamers. One of these super mod tools is NiX Injector ML. It is to unlock pricey gaming objects in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, outclass shooting game. This injector app is ideal for ML lovers. Indeed, it provides hundreds of ML skins, unlimited battle effects, flexible drone views, customizable maps, backgrounds, and many other objects. Hence, it’s a comprehensive tool.

Regular & quick updates have purified it. And now, it is considered a guru of all ML modifying tools. If you are already using it, then update it immediately. New users will get astonished after seeing its iconic features. Also, the current version has no passwords. Are you ready to unlock countless ML premium items for nothing? Then, get this lightweight, magical and superb injector app free. Besides all, it has no differences with the N.i.X Injector. Thus, you can utilize any one of them. Both are replicas of each other. You must love to play more games like this.

Bmod Mlbb apk

Feature of NIX Injector ML

Unlock Skins

  • Unlock above 500 ML Skins.
  • MLBB Skins like Marksman, Assasin, Fighter, Mage, Support, Tank etc.
  • Skin to Skin option with different gussion skin to any skin options.
  • New painted skins available like Aldous to Saitam, Chou to Eren and many others.

Unlock Effects

  • Unlock 40+recalls.
  • It also unlock 10+ respawn
  • Free access to 11 Eliminations
  • Can unlock 5 Notif Kill effects.

Drone View

  • It has a backup option to reset the view.
  • Has 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X which work on all maps.
  • This also has a Tablet View that work with all maps.

More Menu

  • Unlock 29+ emotes.
  • Can unlock the 18 Analog.
  • It has the ability to unlock 10+ map views.
  • Also contain background change options.

Game Cheat

  • Auto Mythic option which just work like the Mythical Glory Injector.
  • Supreme Badge cool feature also available now.
  • It contain the ultra graphics extract to smooth graphics.
  • Also, have the ultra graphics extract to medum graphics.
  • In addition, contain the ultra graphics extract to high graphics.

General Features:

  • It has a simple UI and charming interface.
  • Now, support Andoid 11.
  • It is now bug free.
  • No Ads but contain promotional links to the Youtube channel.

How to install NIX Injector ML

The New edition has some alterations in it. Therefore, read the given guidelines carefully if you don’t want to face any difficulty. Indeed, it is an easy-peasy tool. Yet, spend a little time on this portion.

  1. If you have the old version of NIX Injector, then uninstall it first.
  2. Then, tap the download icon on this page to get the APK file directly.
  3. Next, install it by allowing the unknown sources in security settings.
  4. After this, the menu will be visible to you. Just tap one category and explore the free items inside it.
  5. You can apply any cheat by tapping the INJECT button in front of all items.
  6. Finally, click on the START GAME button present at the end of the main menu. It will open the MLBB whether you have installed it on your device or not.
  7. Besides all, this injector app is for Android 8-10 only. Since it has high-quality features, therefore it’s not a big deal.

FAQs of NIX Injector ML

Is it safe to use N.I.X Injector?

Though the developer claim it is the safest hacking app we think it may cause an account ban in future. Because, our perspective is that using any kind of hack is not safe for your account, so it will be our recommendation to use a new gaming account to access the above features.

What is the password for NIX ML Injector?

The new version (v1.42) of this app does not contain any passwords. It was having a password in the previous version, now there is no need to put a password. However, there may be passwords in the updated version (NIX Injector V1.43).

How to use N.I.X Injector to hack MLBB?

  1. First of all, download this injector app and install it on your phone.
  2. After that, launch the app and you will see options.
  3. Now, select your hack catagory and you will see sub-options.
  4. Just click the features you want and follow the screen.
  5. Once you reached your required options then click the inject button and wait for the injection to complete.
  6. After that, open press the start game button and enjoy the hacked game.

Conclusion of NIX Injector ML

No doubt, NIX Injector APK is a masterpiece of this time. All of its features & characteristics are up to the mark. And its developer is a real intelligent & competent person. We haven’t seen such an unbelievable injector app for Mobile Legends Bang Bang so far. Those, who are already using it, know its worth very well. If you are reading about it for the first time, then you are a lucky guy. Since it has gotten a splendid shape now, therefore you will enjoy it with more essence. Nothing more.

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