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My talking tom 2 is a very well-known game everyone loves to play this game especially children loves to play with the cat. It feels like that you have a real life pe
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My talking tom 2 is a very well-known game everyone loves to play this game especially children loves to play with the cat. It feels like that you have a real life pet. This game has so many great modes for you which you can play with your cat. Do many crazy things with your cat such as play mini games and talk with your cat and it will repeat your voice. But you have to be responsible and loyal with your pet. Take great care of your cat and make him happy. Let’s check out the features of this game.


Graphic – Sound

The game was created by Outfit7 Limited Company and free download, you can play My Taking Tom 2 on both Android and iOS, can download on Google Play App. The game is designed 3D and is for single player only.

Colorful variety 3D Graphic describes actions, feeling of the cat and pet such as falling, laughing, grimacing, doubting, … Bright color is bright, harmonizes with clothing items, accessories (hats, socks, sunglasses, …) and extremely splendid abundant furniture.

Sound effects is vivid, humorous, funny with actions of the cat such as mimicking your accent, yawning and so on. Besides, there are the sound of the games on making money mission.

Experience about taking care of the cat

How to play easily, that is to take care of your cat by feeding, drinking when the cat hungry, thirsty. If Tom is out of food, click on the supermarket icon then select the products that you want to buy and pay. Please save the food for Tom because he can eat when he was full. So you should feed him at a moderate level to avoid wastage. Also, you can play, troll him by clicking on hand, leg, abdomen and head of the cat.

In addition, whenever you speak, the cat will imitate and will repeat your speech by a voice that is very humorous and cute of the cat. Sometimes let stroke your cat to make him feel loved and grow much faster.

Another extremely interesting function that is you can shop clothes, accessories for your cat, decorate his house to be more beautiful and spacious.

To get money for shopping for your cat, you can go to play the available mini game on attractive game warehouse (some games need to connect the Internet) to bring rewards, buy much food, furniture for Tom cat.

My Talking Tom 2 also gives player a real experience when you have to let your cat go to bathroom, brush his teeth, take a shower, …daily. All works look like what you need to do for your real cat.

Over time, your cat will grow gradually when is taken care of. If you forget about him too long without looking after, he will disappear. And you will have to create a new one completely.

The special points compare to the old version

One of the most noticeable features of the game is the form of cat nourishment. If in the original version, you only have an assignment that is keep the cat, in My Talking Tom 2 – the new version you can unlock 5 pets and discover them. This point makes the traditional gameplay of the game attract more player. Each on has its own look and personality. Players can try feeding the to see what happens.

Not only that, My Talking Tom 2 has an own airplane. Launched a new card collection feature by clicking the Airplane icon and collecting items according to the level of the cat. It can fly to anywhere you want, you can still fly with Tom to interest spaces, look for the unique costumes, bring the rewards for Tom and take a souvenir pictures.

When Tom is injured or sick, you’ll have to take care of him more carefully. The medicine cabinet in the bathroom will help your cat to heal quickly. Let’s explore the new points and feel them.


When you download My Talking Tom 2, you will have a funny friend in your phone. Tom is a close friend of hundreds of millions of players around the world, including many children. If you love pets, this is an indispensable game on your phone.

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