Mobile Bus Simulator v1.0.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

By | 11/03/2022

Mobile Bus Simulator is a brand new bus driving game from Zuuks Games. The routes in the game Mobile Bus Simulator are designed extremely authentically. The game gives you the experience of the work of a real bus driver.

While driving, players can enjoy stunning views on a real city map and crossing countries such as the US, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Azerbaijan. Besides, you also set up your own bus company and gradually grow into the largest bus group in the world. Join Mobile Bus Simulator and build your passenger transport empire now.

Mobile Bus Simulator gives players a bus driving simulation experience. The primary goal was to create the largest bus company in the world. Driving a bus from one point to another in proper life is not that simple. Just like in actual life, drivers must ensure the safety of their passengers. They must also arrive at their destination on time. Stress and traffic are common barriers bus drivers face daily. This game brings a very authentic and engaging bus driving experience. If you want to experience the work of bus drivers, download Mobile Bus Simulator for free and play now.


Coming to Mobile Bus Simulator, players will own and receive a map that shows all the roads in the city in the most precise and most accurate way. It is a valuable tool to support you a lot on the trip. When you have a map, you will avoid situations where you go the wrong way and go to the wrong place. All images on the map are sketched extremely delicately and easy to see.


Mobile Bus Simulator will help you shine your talent. You can ultimately become an excellent bus driver with your superb driving skills and qualifications. With your long driving experience, you have gained some necessary experience as a driver. Combined with the effort and always trying to learn, you are now an extreme driving tycoon that many people care about.


If the weather conditions in this game are erratic and often raining, you will always try at all costs to carry out your passenger job. With your creativity and composure, you will know how to handle any situation well, no matter what. Besides, you should ensure the safest speed to overcome these difficulties easily.


On my bus, the furniture is very modern and new. Besides, you have the right to regularly upgrade your vehicles to make them unique and operate more efficiently. Moreover, your car will have a lot of camera angles such as cabin cam, outside cam, etc., making it easier for the driver to follow. Besides, this bus also has a button to automatically close and open the door, making the process of getting in and out of the car faster.


Mobile Bus Simulator will bring you happy trips when you can see and enjoy many beautiful sceneries lying around here. Not only that, but the manufacturer’s design of the character image is also great. In addition, if your car suddenly runs out of gas during driving, go to the nearest gas station to recharge it.


If you carry passengers at night, you must not forget to turn on the lights. This will help you see the way to go and avoid scary accidents. In addition, you will discover the bus horn most vividly, listening very smoothly. If you ensure everyone’s life and help them get where they want to go, you will complete all missions. After finishing the job, you will receive many gifts and have very high achievements in the rankings. Challenge your friends to experience together in the most fun way.

General Information

Mobile Bus Simulator is a bus driving simulation game that allows you to become a proper driver. They design Mobile Bus Simulators with realistic 3D graphics, controls, viewing angles, and incredible interior objects. The game is perfect for a surreal driving experience.

Mobile Bus Simulator is a very fun and interesting 3D driving simulation game. In the game, the player will act as a bus driver. You will drive your bus on a winding mountain road. All you need to do is deliver all passengers to their destination safely. If you like this game, please download it and try it!

Mobile Bus Simulator version updates the 3D simulation class casual game to another level. You can drive your bus from the city to start their bus career. Players can customize their bus technology in the game to make it look more unique. The game also provides many driving tasks, allowing players to challenge the limits of their driving skills while exploring urban roads.

The game is realistic and unique. We can switch the viewing angle at will. But we think steering wheels are uncomfortable. After playing for a week, we feel that the most fun of this game is to study all kinds of extreme drifts and all kinds of super records. And my favorite lane mode does not lose the throttle. It is an ancient game, and the experience is good.

Mobile Bus Simulator is a very real bus driving simulation game. In the game, you need to drive along the estimated route for driving tasks. The set of quite strict traffic rules is time to test your driving skills. The most sensible of the games we prefer is the operation of real driving. It is closer to life but keeps driving carefully. The feel is not good although it is called real driving. The steering wheel is just like oiled and it makes a circle with a light slip.

There are still many game modes, such as drifting, trucking, and parking. Although the game is relatively monotonous, it is always unstoppable. The game comes with 13 buses. Each bus has a sophisticated interior and authentic controls. The vehicles come with an amazing steering wheel, tilt switch, gearshift, turn indicator, microphone, and door switch.

There are many challenges like traffic and weather. The game has completely realistic routes. Players explore places like Azerbaijan, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Turkey, and the United States. Players can go through locations such as the Highway Toll and the resting area. They can establish different bus offices around the world and expand their business globally.

How to Play Mobile Bus Simulator?

Mobile Bus Simulator is a unique recreational class driving simulator invented for a game where you will drive a bus in the city’s streets running up. We have a building different from your life. Come here to experience the exotic atmosphere and become a bus driver here to pick up passengers to the designated location. You can also consign goods and get different gold coin rewards for transporting different things.

Mobile Bus Simulator is a genre that is loved by many players. Unlike racing games that require speed and recklessness, driving games exploit your concentration, patience, and intelligent reflexes in all traffic situations. In Mobile Bus Simulator, you will drive a bus through many locations in the city.

Mobile Bus Simulator players will need to drive on-demand, earn money, and be trusted by passengers for safe, punctual driving. Use your experience of driving thousands of miles on virtual roads and streets to unlock new districts, new buses, and more. To become a true bus driver, players of the Mobile Bus Simulator cannot damage the car or cause an accident. Pay attention to obey traffic regulations, making mistakes can cost you money and lose your reputation.

There are various types of buses in the game, such as super-high double-decker, and double-decker. All these make the game driving experience super real and the gameplay superb. It is a very realistic bus driving simulation game that you need to drive along the estimated route. With strict traffic rules settings, it is time to test your driving skills!

The game features a realistic game map where all roads are based on actual cities. With proper day and night cycle and weather simulation, you can complete more of your own driving experience in the game. Detailed bus interiors and real road simulations complete the game tasks strictly. The real driving methods give you the most realistic driving experience. With task challenges in various scenarios, it is time to show your superb driving skills. And for strict traffic rules setting, a little carelessness will violate the traffic rules!

Bus Simulator Indonesia will allow you to experience your favorite work while becoming a bus driver in Indonesia most enjoyably and authentically. Bus Simulator Indonesia driving game simulates the environment and smooth bus control mode on detailed 3D graphics.

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a game for those who love to drive a street bus to pick up passengers to the stops. The game has an easy and intuitive control mode with a very realistic environment. You will have a realistic driving experience through cities and places in Indonesia on high-quality 3D graphics.


  • Having the thoughtful support of the existing map system most accurately, helping the driver to bring passengers to the right place and avoid getting lost.
  • There is a button to close and open the door so that the player can open the door automatically to let the passengers quickly.
  • Ensure traffic safety, comply with all traffic rules to ensure the health and life of more than 20 passengers in the car.
  • There are many unique camera angles to help you quickly follow the action that has happened, and the interior of the bus is decorated very fresh and modern.
  • Do your job well to get significant achievements and accumulate great lessons and experiences.

Final Words

Mobile Bus Simulator MOD APK is a perfect restoration of the true bus driving game world. You can easily understand the game’s story and character dialogue.

Mobile Bus Simulator is a bus driving simulation game that gives you the chance to become a bus driver on the duty of picking up and dropping passengers at the stops. Driving safely on city roads Street and strictly obeying the traffic laws for buses. The game is designed with 3D graphics, realistic vehicle maps, and flexible camera angles to bring out the best driving experience.

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