Download Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia (MOD, Unlimited Grenades) 5.3.7 free on android

By | 21/02/2022

This one was the most populated game among all the players of all ages. Another name of Mini militia is Doodle Army 2. If you check, you will be satisfied that even today, many people play Mini militia, and it has its fan club. There are many reasons for its popularity: you can play with your friend whenever you want, and then another one is that you can also play it offline when you want.



Suppose you want to connect with your friends who are not with you and live in other cities or countries but have an internet connection. Robbery, you can easily connect with friends via Facebook or Google login. You need to send them your username so they can easily connect with you, and you can play with each other with that one friend. For this, you need to add them as a friend on the server and start playing with them.

Without internet:

Suppose you do not have the internet and want to play with your cousins, friends, neighbors, or relatives when you are playing. It would help if you connected all mobile phones with the same hotspot of any one of your friends, then you will have the option to connect; otherwise, this option will not be visible. You will all see the option of joining the game, and you can connect with them. The person who gave the hotspot is the host, and he can set the name of the game that will be shown to all of the participants. Maximum 12 players can play the game at the same time with only one hotspot closed. Whenever all the plays are ready, you need to click on the start button then the game will start in 6 seconds.

Via Bluetooth:

The new version of the Mini militia is coming after some time, which will connect via Bluetooth. This is still under construction. However, it is some features are given below:


In this mode, you can play alone, and in a team, you need to kill a maximum number of players to get more points. If you have maximum points, you will be considered the winner of the game. If you want to play in a team, no one can enter your map, and you can play easily without any worry.


If you are a new player, then do not worry. You can choose the training mode, and you can Italy have the training from the captain about all-day mods of Mini militia.


In this mode, you need to kill the enemies sent by the server. This model also can create groups

Survival solo

In this module, you need to play alone and have to kill an enemy that the captain sends

How to install

Here another problem occurs, which is “how to download or how to install the app.” So for this purpose, you do not need to be worried because, on my website, I also give you the method of how to download the mini militia apk. Here we give you the easiest method of installing the Mini militia Mod app on your device or mobile phone.

  1. First of all, if you had installed the Mini militia Mod app from anywhere else, you need to uninstall that app because here, you can have their original app without any viruses or other problems after uninstalling. You have to download it from my website. Hey, you can have all the versions of Mini militia.
  2. Go to your settings, then enable the unknown source if it is disabled.
  3. Now click on the app to install. After installation, switch off your internet connection if it is enabled
  4. Now start your game. If the internet is needed then on it or otherwise disable
  5. Now that you have successfully done it and the game is on your phone, you can easily open it and play.


Is mini militia a Chinese game?

The mini militia is a very popular multiplayer combat game released in 2011 by a Miniclip company, a Chinese company subsidiary. IT Is one of the multi-international companies.

Is mini militia offline game?

The mini militia is one of the 2d games that is played free. It is a multiplayer shooting game. Now it is one of the popular games among the new generations. IT can be played online as well as offline.

is a mini militia Chinese app?

The mini militia is a very popular multiplayer combat game released in 2011 by a Miniclip company, a Chinese company subsidiary. It is one of the multi-international company.

when will mini militia classic release mini militia ?

We need to wait for December, and then we will get the mini militia classic game. Then I think after a one-month trial, this game will be available on the google play store.

Can mini militia be hacked?

I know you want to have the basic hacking version of the mini militia, so do not worry you can easily have it on our website. Its link is given below.

can mini militia be played on pc?

The mini militia is one of the most adventurous games of the company So to play it on pc, you need to play it on, one of the best pc player platforms for playing android functions on pc.

Can mini militia be played offline?

Yes, it can be played offline as well as online. It is using different wireless connections like WiFi and Bluetooth.

Can we hack mini militia?

Yes, on my website, you can get the best hacking version on the mini militia.


Mini Militia Mod APK Hack is one of the funniest shooting games on android mobiles. With its clean graphics, fun audio, and attractive gameplay, this game has become interesting and fun to play.

If you love playing shooting games, then you will find Mini Militia Mod APK highly addictive and very entertaining. Experience intense multiplayer combat and enjoy it!

In case, you have already played Doodle Army, then go ahead and download the latest MOD Hack version to continue shooting and fighting right away!

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