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By | 05/11/2021

Nowadays, electronic devices have become so diverse. Electronic devices take up most of a person’s time compared to reading books. Even reading comics has become electronic thanks to the use of electronic devices all day long.

Manga Rock pro-Apk is one of the electronic media platforms where most comic book artists, book publishers, and authors write their comics. Because most readers have access to smartphones and computers, they find it much easier to write and publish online and generate good income.

In addition to comic books, Manga Rock offers short stories and comic apps in six languages.

A large library of Manga Rock Pro:

Manga Rock mod apk is much more than a mobile application for reading comics. Various comics’ data from various websites have been compiled in this database. Manga Rock Pro was recently updated with data from 20 websites.

Because it does not have its own server, you can directly access the website’s content, thus saving you from the mobile data and storage issues.

A list of Manga Rock Pro’s tools are as follows:

With Manga Rock apk mod , you have access to many tools, including

  •   Recent
  • Downloads
  •   Discover

The offline mode is as follows:

You have the option of downloading the comics from Manga Rock apk for Andriod for later use. There is an easy way to save anything that looks interesting.

In addition, you can see the percentage of downloaded comics, as well as read the comics while they are downloading

Alternatively, if you downloaded the comic but some parts failed to download, you can still read that portion of the comic that did download.


Comic book collection:

There are thousands of comics to choose from, HD quality images and the site is constantly updated.

Genres of all kinds:

There are various comic types, including BL/Action/Fantasy/Horror/Comedy, etc.

Daily Free Comics:

With Daily Free Comics, you will never miss an update on your favorite comics.

The perfect way to read:

 Enjoy a seamless reading experience and customize it to suit your preferences.

Read faster and with less traffic:

Download comics and read them later without having to constantly connect to the Internet.

Designed for all devices:

Manga Rock apk is cross-platform so it can be used on any device, be it a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You will be able to log in and view your comics and account easily once you have a valid account.

How to Install:

If you want to download this then follow these steps:

  • You can download the file by clicking the button below
  •   You will soon be able to download
  •   There will be a delay during the downloading process
  •   Once the download has been completed
  •   Tap on “Install”
  •   Congratulations! Your apk has been successfully installed

Android has the following requirements:

  •        A version of Android higher than 4.0
  •       Connections to the internet that are stable
  •        A Wi-Fi connection is recommended
  •      Allow your device to install applications manually
  • Permission granted


The Google Play Store offers a wide variety of reading applications, but few can compare to Manga Rock.

Manga Rock Pro Apk can easily be one of your favorite mobile applications due to the large collection of comics. As readers gain fame and earn more money from this application, it is also beneficial to publishers.

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