Kingdom Rush Mod

By | 12/03/2022

The plot of the game is in a vast Kingdom Rush MOD that is suffering from attacks by ferocious monsters. The Player’s mission is to command the kingdom army, which is divided into 4 different towers to fight against the monster horde. Four basic towers represent the 4 armies of the kingdom including militia, archers, mages, and bombard. While militia barracks will produce soldiers to intercept the monster’s path, archer towers will shoot arrows at one specific monster to deal physical damage until they die or are out of range. Mage towers deal magic damage that ignores enemy armor and bombard towers deal AoE damage to a group of monsters. These towers can be upgraded and evolve into 16 different towers, not only changing their appearance but also the damage output. Besides, there are some towers that are only available on specific maps.

The default mode of the game is a Campaign mode, by completing the level players will be rewarded from 1 to 3 stars based on how successfully it has been played, determined by the number of lives at the end of the level. After finishing all campaign maps with three stars, Heroic Challenge, Iron Challenge, and Endless Mode Challenge will be unlocked. Players can choose the difficulty of the maps between Casual, Normal, and Veteran before every level. The difficulty changes the Hit Points of the enemy. Monsters in Kingdom Rush are also a powerful force with more than 60 different monsters along with 11 powerful bosses. Each of them has different indexes and players will be informed before the round begins. Therefore, it requires players to improvise and construct towers the most intelligently and strategically.

Features of Kingdom Rush MOD:

Epic battles between humans and monsters:

This amazing game is all about several different battles between humans and monsters such as Orc, wizards, evil witches, and much much more. This spectacular game is very thrilling which makes it amazing.


Moreover, the amazing map of the game is huge making it easier for users to play the game.


Moreover, the game has different enemies like Orc, Yeti, Dark splayed, Gobin, and many more. The best part is that his enemy has a weakness of his own, just find that out and defeat your enemy.


Users get to play an important role as a hero in killing the monsters. You get to unlock heroes by gold, cash, or by passing many challenging and difficult missions. There are several different heroes like Gerald, Elora, Lightseeker, and many more.


This game is all about the 2D world with amazing graphics. It contains high-definition illustrated cartoon art, how cool is that?

Different towers:

Moreover, the game has 4 basic types of towers Artillery towers, Mage towers, Barracks towers, and Ranged towers. There are many other towers too but they need to be purchased with cash.


Moreover, users get to fight on different towers and mountains how amazing is that?

How to install Kingdom Rush MOD?

The installation process of this game is as easy as cake. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and you’re good to go.


Users need to go to the security settings of their android devices and enable ‘unknown sources


Now, you need to go to the link you want to download this form and click on it to start downloading.


Once the download is complete, go to the file manager and search ‘kingdom rush mod apk’  When you find the file, click on it to start installing.


When the installation is complete, you will see the game icon on your home screen. Open it and start playing for an amazing time!

Conclusion of Kingdom Rush MOD

I have been playing Kingdom Rush for a long time, but the game is still a lot of fun to explore. Since the game has a huge number of players around the world, you can refer to some great tactics or tips on game discussion forums. If you have something to share, leave a comment below this article.

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