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By | 29/03/2022

King of Avalon Mod Apk – King of Avalon is a game based on Dragon Warfare. This is a skill-based strategy game where you can feel like a king. You are given a small kingdom to rule and from there, your quest for conquest begins. With the resources you receive, you can conquer like the king did and devise a strategic plan to win wars and rule the great kingdom by becoming emperor.

Instead of actually watching conflicts unfold, you are provided a simplified synopsis of what occurs in each skirmish. The true strategy is resource/time management, planning your maneuvers in the field, unit composition, and figuring out how to keep your city safe from any threats. If you’ve recently arrived in Avalon and are looking for ways to recapture Excalibur for all that is righteous and just, look no further than our complete King of Avalon guide below!

The game is based on the legendary King Arthur who was the mightiest king of all time. He fought a lot of deadly battles and conquered a lot of lands. However one day everything got over and he died. King Arthur has a nephew Mordred. But the mighty story of King Arthur is very famous all across the kingdoms. Due to no king to rule the throne his kingdom is now divided into many small cities. And King Arthur lies on the top of the isle of Avalon with his mighty sword. 

The game Rome centers around the legendary King Arthur and the knights of the Round table. Your character is one of the knights from the round table and your aim in this game is to build a mighty city, a great army, train your dragons and conquer the kingdom. However, it would not be easy as other knights will also come to stop you from conquering the kingdom and becoming a king. Therefore you have to hide and build a huge army of soldiers and dragons to fight with your enemies. 

Features of King of Avalon Mod Apk

Gold indefinitely

Gold is the most valuable resource in King of Avalon Hack APK. They are the first and most important resource you will need to succeed. The daily rewards can now be used to obtain free gold resources. Event rewards can also be used to gain gold. On the market, there are also gold resources. To obtain virtual gold in the game, you must spend real money. Gold coins can be used to purchase stuff and enhance your heroes in the marketplace. Get the free hack mod and use this function, as well as many others, as you shall see. One of the resources that will be added to your account is gold. Gold is the most precious money, but it is not the only one you use or require in the King of Avalon game.

Food/Wood/Iron/Silver are all unlimited.

Food, wood, iron, and silver are some of the other resources available in the game. It is critical for the troops to begin with nourishment. To survive, troops require nourishment. As a result, the more troops you want to play with, the more food you’ll need to create. You must keep the troops fed at all times because they eat food. Food can be obtained or collected by attacking neighboring towns. Make your city better. Increase the number of farms to increase the amount of food produced. However, all of these methods are time-consuming, which is not what you require.

Now it’s not just food and wood, but also iron. Without the use of the Iron Mine, you can obtain an endless amount of Iron resources. Upgrade your structures and eliminate the need to wait for production time. Progress is made fast and steadily. Finally, there are silver resources. These are the most valuable materials in the game, and they can only be gotten through the Silver Mine. Upgrades frequently necessitate silver, which soon depletes. To do so, you’ll need to construct as many Silver Mines as possible to boost silver production. You don’t have to do it any longer.

Improve your stronghold.

Without its stronghold, a kingdom is nothing, and it is your obligation to keep it in check. Return to your fortress to level it up whenever you have enough supplies. The higher the level, the more facilities, and features you’ll be able to access. This is particularly critical in the early stages of the game.

Of course, in King of Avalon, the fortress cannot be upgraded indefinitely. It may have pre-requisites that aren’t merely resource-related at times. Before you can completely upgrade the fortress, you’ll need to upgrade a few buildings. The easiest way to go about this is to upgrade your constructions until you need to upgrade the fortress. That way, you’ll save time and won’t be scrambling to catch up on what you might have missed.

Maintain the level of your heroes and dragons.

Getting Hero EXP, as previously mentioned, is one way to maintain your heroes at the top of their game. This, among other things, enhances their stats. You can also use Hero Shards and Hero Skill Scrolls to boost their fighting strength. If you don’t get them through the Summoning Circle, you can get them from quests, events, and monster battles. Using Hero Shards to raise a hero’s star level will also provide you an advantage in battle. However, you will need more shards of the existing hero, making rarer heroes more difficult to start up.

Finally, a hero’s ability on the battlefield is what makes them stand out. Hero Skill Scrolls are used to level these up independently. Hero Skill Scrolls, like Hero EXP, have a point output similar to Hero EXP.

Go into the field

By tapping the lower right button on your screen, you should be taken to a field where you can explore. Most importantly, there are many of resources in this sector. The majority of the game’s excitement takes place in farms, iron and silver mines, monsters, and other players.

Any dotted lines you see across the board are the marching soldiers of another player. They will not fight you if the line is white. If the line is red, it indicates that an enemy army is approaching your city. Prepare your defenses if you have enough time before the attacker arrives! We’ll speak about how to organise your time when creating defenses later in this tutorial.

You can camp anywhere near a rival player’s city if you want to entice them into attacking your forces. Just expect a thrashing since, if you were them, you’d try to drive them out with your most powerful men.

Because of the profusion of resources, you obtain every time you come out here, bringing yourself out here more regularly should help you train more troops, improve your base defenses, and speed up your building. When it comes to resources,

Participate in an Alliance

Joining a clan, guild, or alliance, as they’re known in King of Avalon, has numerous advantages for all players. For one thing, it features an alliance research component that grants a boost to each alliance member based on what has been researched. It can include everything from marching speed to soldier boosts, among other things. One of the best things about being a part of one is that you (and everyone else) can help each other speed up their training, building, or upgrading. Aside from that, an alliance features a function called Gift Locker.

The Gift Locker is a feature where every member of the alliance can get varying amounts of gold. Alliance members, and you as well, may donate these presents across the players present. An alliance has a specialized shop in addition to loads of swag you can earn from joining.

Look through your inventory

While the game rewards you with a variety of prizes for achieving certain feats and objectives, you’ll likely be confused as to what each of these items does. Now is an excellent moment to look through your inventory if you haven’t already.

Regularly check your inventory to see if there are any items you can utilize. Some of them are momentary bonuses, while others are resource packs that you may use to quickly replenish your food, wood, and iron supplies. Apart from that, they can be treasure chests that require key synthesis.

It’s possible that they’re Speedup items if they aren’t any of them. These things, in particular, can be utilized to reduce the amount of time required for your city’s construction, upgrading, or training. Keep in mind that you should only use these when absolutely necessary. An enemy army arrives from afar, for example, and you haven’t finished upgrading your wall. Your wall takes 7 hours to finish to King of Avalon Mod Apk, while they come in 10 minutes. To thwart the attack, you might wish to use a Speedup on your wall’s improvement.

Activate Dragon Skills

In the Android game King of Avalon Cheat APK, dragons make all the difference. They are quite handy and beneficial. With the dragons, you can conquer and help your kingdom grow quickly. Despite their importance, they are not as beneficial as stated if they are not sufficiently established. As a result, dragons place a premium on skills. For infinite resources, download the King of Avalon Mod APK. You can give your dragons different skills depending on their rank. The most significant skill kinds are categorized into four categories: attack, defense, gathering, and monster. There are eight sub-skills for each of these four kinds. Each major skill can have the guardian and assault assigned to it. You’ll be able to unlock the Dragons Skills slots.

Conclusion of King of Avalon Mod Apk

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