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By | 15/01/2021

King Candy mod apk is a sweet and amazing puzzle game. In the game, you need to focus on how to achieve the master level and how to move the different colors of candies. The game contains some relevant social information. The whole game has about 200 levels to open a new candy. Candy Crush is a puzzle video game that is free. On April 12, 2012, King released it for Facebook other versions for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.  This game is considered one of the first and most successful uses of a freemium model.

This game can be played completely without any money. The company was earning almost $1 million per day. In this game, players can buy special actions to help clear more difficult boards. In 2014, over 93 million people were playing Candy Crush.

This series has received over 2.7 billion downloads after five years of its release on mobile. The game has been one of the most played games of that time. candy crush apk is easy to learn but tough to beat. This game is loved by those who like colorful graphics and easy movements.

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It gives us different modes to play. The best thing is it offers over a hundred different levels. Today Candy Crush is a legendary puzzle game loved by millions of players around the world.

The general model is the most representative one, which contains hundreds of different game levels. You need to put the same kind of candies together to get the highest score. The game is based on the theme of candy, the basic rule is eliminating candies that line in three to five.  You could invite Facebook friends to unlock a longer trip.

The first twenty hurdles will be unlocked directly, however, they need train tickets after the 35th level. The hurdles of the game will be unlocked one by one, and every fifteen levels passed. The game aims to make matches of three or more candies vertically or horizontally.

Two important things in the game are bright and colorful visuals and its social element, allowing you to compete against your friends on Facebook and check out their scores. It is one of today’s hottest titles for Android. To do well in the game you have to set yourself up for large matches and a chain of matches for big points.
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How to play Candy Crush?

  • After downloading, you can set the level. There are five levels: Moves level, jelly level, ingredient level, candy order level, and candy order level.
  • Your first step is to match candies on the game board which will eliminate them. You have a short no of moves to finish each level before the game is over. . If you don’t get enough points by the end of a level, you’ll lose one of your five lives.
  • Crush candies by swiping over three matching pieces of candy in a row. You can match more than three pieces in a row or a connected shape for special bonuses. Once you crush a row of candies, the row will disappear and the candies above the row will dropdown.
  • If you swap two special candies with each other, you can create even greater effects. If you combine a Wrapped Candy with a Striped Candy, you will create a giant candy that will eliminate 3 columns and 3 rows of candies. Once you crush a row of candies, the row will disappear and the candies above the row will dropdown.
  • If you want to move to the next set of levels, you’ll need to buy Candy Crush tickets or receive them as gifts from a friend.
  • You can earn a few of the boosters at the beginning of theking candy crush mod. You can also earn boosters in the game, purchase them, or receive them as gifts. Boosters can add moves, give you extra lives, create candy crushing explosions, and more.

By following these steps you can play and enjoy the game easily. Happy crushing!

Installer guide (How to download candy crush):

Here is a small guide that is written from the perspective of a beginner. If you already know the downloading procedure then you can skip this segment.

Step 1:Turn on your mobile and open its app store.

Step 2:Onthe app store, tap the search bar. It can be found in the top-right corner of the screen. Use your device’s keyboard to type in “candy crush”. There will be several spin-off versions of the game, such as Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga.  Look for the original one, simply called Candy Crush, developed by “King”. Select it.

Step 3:Prepare to install the game on your mobile device.

Step 4:Accept the use of certain functions on your mobile device. A message will appear notifying you that king candy may need access to certain aspects of your mobile device.  If you’re okay with that, tap Accept.

Step 4:Launch Candy Crush after it finishes downloading. It will automatically begin downloading and installing on your device.  When it finishes, tap Open to launch the program.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully downloaded and installed candy crush for your mobile device. 

Get the Complete Installer Guide:

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Candy crush mod apk is a sweet and amazing puzzle game. In the game, you need to focus on how to achieve the master level and how to move the different colors of candies. Its aims are to make you have key ideas to develop your skills. According to Think Gaming, women ages 25 to 55 play the game the most. It’s become so popular that the game’s creator makes nearly $600,000 a day from the user’s spending money to unlock new levels and gain extra moves.


Can we skip levels in candy crush?

By clicking the “Skip Current Level” button, you will be prompted to download a free app to play for about 30-60 seconds. After that time, the king candy will reopen on your phone and you will be able to start from the next level.

How do I get a ticket to move on in Candy Crush?

The game is divided into sections of 15 levels, starting at level 20. After you have completed each section you need to ask friends who play this game for tickets to move on to the next section. 

The more friends you ask, the quicker you will get your tickets and continue playing. You need 3 tickets.

How many lives do you get?

In this game, you will begin with 5 lives. When you fail to complete a level a life will be taken from you. If you wait 30 minutes, your life will be renewed. You can also receive lives from your friends. Alternatively, you can try our Candy Crush Unlimited Lives trick if you are playing on a mobile device.

What are boosters?

Boosters are special items you can win or get that help you better beat the level. They are great for when you are stuck on a level and need a little help. Some examples are the lollipop hammer when smashes a candy of your choice and the 5 extra moves booster that gives you 5 extra moves.

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