Kinemaster Mod Apk Pro(Without Watermark)v5.1.14 [Latest Version]

By | 20/03/2021

          Kinemaster mod Apk is a video editing app mostly used in android devices. It offers you a lot of features just like animations. You can easily install it from the play store. Kinemaster apk gives you all the premium features to make your video more attractive. You can easily remove the useless objects from your video. Merging of two videos, addition of voice-over, an option of multiple layers, and also a change of background.

Kinemaster premium mod apk gives you a lot of premium features. But you can only use these features by paying. It gives 30 days free trial in which you can make and save videos having a watermark. It gives a lot of easiness to the YouTubers who want to make their videos without laptops. So, it gives all the features of their need to them.

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About Kinemaster Mod apk

         Kinemaster is a video editing application used all over the world. It is mostly because it gives the professional look to your video. The main point for its popularity is the availability of a lot of functions like transition effects, text writing, images, video layering, the addition of additional tracks, the live recording of video, control at volume, and various things. It gains popularity because of providing the video editing features of PC to android users.

Kinemaster gives the option of slow, speed-up, cut shorts, and also rearranging the video. It provides the feature of free editing to the users during editing. Watermark is also present at the top right corner of your video. But due to the watermark, the look of your video doesn’t give a professional touch so you can use the premium version of the kinemaster pro apk to enjoy your videos having professional look. Many of the features are locked in the free version so you have to unlock these by purchasing a premium version of kinemaster mod apk.

You can change the background from green to any of the colors you want because of the presence of the chroma key in kinemaster mod digit. As mostly this feature is present in the PC software. This gives your video the very best professional look and this feature helps the YouTubers to shoot their videos in kinemaster.

You find the relief from the watermark in Kinemaster full unlocked mod apk that really creates a disturbance in our video’s professional look. All locked features are unlocked in this version.

Kinemaster Mods: Different Types

Kinemaster Apk is available on the Internet in a variety of different types. The following are some modded versions of it.

Gold Mod Apk for Kinemaster

This Kinemaster Gold Pro Apk will be the perfect alternative to the traditional Kinemaster version if you are bored with it. It will give you a new experience of video editing with a golden layout featuring all Kinemaster features.

Add high-quality music to your videos, reverse it, and even mix it in. If the music you want to play does not have a copyright, simply import it from the file manager.

Diamond Mod Apk Kinemaster

A diamond mod is an abridged version of the original Kinemaster application. We have completely redesigned the user interface, added premium features, and automatically removed all watermarks.

Trying out this new version may give you a better video editing experience if you get tired of the official interface.

Download KineMaster Gold Mod Apk

This Kinemaster Gold Pro Apk will be a great alternative to the traditional version of Kinemaster. Kinemaster will provide you with a golden layout with all the premium features that will make video editing an entirely new experience.

Videos can now be enhanced by adding high-quality music, reversing it, cutting, and blending it. Any no-copyright music can be imported from the file manager and you are good to go.

Download KineMaster Diamond Mod Apk

There is a diamond mod for the official Kinemaster application, as its name suggests. With the new video exporter, you’ll get a completely redesigned interface, premium features, and of course, no watermark.

If you were bored with the official interface and would like to change to something better that would give you a better editing experience, then you must try this version.


  • Premium features are unlocked.
  • Give easiness to the vloggers 
  • Share the edited videos on social media apps
  • Many more themes, audio effects, and animations, etc.
  • Speed-up, slow, and gives cut-short.
  • Chroma key exists
  • The watermark is removed.
  • Availability of saturation and brightness occurs
  • 3D effects, wipes, and many more options like fade occur.
  • Automatic optimization occurs for unsupported videos
  • Volume control occurs 
  • Live preview and voice recording occurs
  • No disturbance occurs because of ads


  • You can simply search it by name on google playstore or chrome.
  • After searching go to the install option and click on it.
  • Installation process is started and after the completion enjoy with the most interesting video editing app.


  • First of all you have to install bluestacks in your PC to download an android application.
  • After this search the app and start the downloading process.
  • Enjoy the video editing app!


  • You can install this application through the link given below.


Is this app safe to use?

Yes, this is safe to use. It doesn’t enable tracking or hacking as it is a not-rooted application. So you don’t need to worry about the stealing of your personal information.

Can I edit videos in 4K and export?

Yes, you can easily edit the video in 4K and also export it. But you have to first be sure about your android device whether your device supports it or not.

Can I install this application from your site?

Yes, you can easily install it from our site as we always check the file before uploading by antivirus software.   

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