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By | 29/11/2020

Whatsapp plus is not available on Google Play Store. You have to download it from Google Website. The Apps Download from Google can’t Install directly on your Devices. You need to allow them Special Access.

You can find each bit about how to install WhatsApp Plus on your Android Devices in this article.

How to install whatsapp plus: 

If you install any app before then installing Whatsapp plus is not a big problem, it’s piece of cake for you. You can install it easily by just following the simple steps discuss Following.

  • Download the WhatsApp Plus apk to your Device from the link here.
  • After Downloading WhatsApp Plus just install it on your device.
  • For Complete Backup goto WhatsApp Setting Chat-Backup.
  • Now, wait for the Complete backup of your Chat.
  • Now your all chat data is back up to your Email, now Uninstall your old WhatsApp.
  • For uninstalling WhatsApp go to setting-apps-WhatsApp Uninstall.
  • Now your Device is ready to install WhatsApp Plus.
  • Install WhatsApp Plus you Download from here.
  • After Installing Whatsapp Plus follow some simple step
  • Enter your Mobile Number and Verify it via OTP code.
  • You are Done.
  • Enter your Name, connect to the World of Communication.

Downside of WhatsAPP Plus:

The coin has always two sides. WhatsApp Plus also has some Downsides we Mention here.

  • Slow Update

There is no Regular update by the Developer of this APP, So you have to Wait for a Month or more for the new Update.

  • Legal Issue

After the DMCA takedown, this APP is removed from the Google Play Store. This rise a Question on its Authenticity and legality. If you are an Advance user then you have to regard the law. But this can’t show that this APP is Legal or Illegal.

  • Security Issue

This APP has some Security issues like this is a Modified Version of the Original APP so it can Leak your Private Data/Conversation to the Third-party. You must be cautious while using this app.

Method to switch WhatsAPP to WhatsAPP Plus:

WhatsApp Plus is not available on Google Play Store that’s why you have to download it from Google’s official website.

Follow the simple steps to Switch your old WhatsApp with all new latest WhatsApp Plus.

  • Backup your WhatsAPP

Before Switching your WhatsApp you must take Complete Backup. Simply take the backup of your Important Data on WhatsApp using Software like dr. fone.Download it and install it on your PC

  • Connect Device with PC

Use a USB cable to connect your Device to your PC. Open dr. fone on your PC and seek for Backup opt. This will start taking backup of your important data on WhatsApp pro apk. Wait till the Backup is completed.

  • View Backup on PC

Check your Backup on PC. Make sure your all data is Backup on your PC.

  • Restore Data to WhatsAPP Plus

You install Whatsapp as mention early. Now Connect your Device to PC and open dr. fone seek for restore option and this Will restore all your Data to new latest WhatsApp Plus.

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Final Words:

 The all-new WhatsApp Plus is for you if you are looking for a variety of themes, large File Sharing. But if you Value your Security over Appearance this might not a good option for you. Look at it’s Both Ends before taking a decision.

Like Whatsapp Plus there are other many Chatting Apps like Telegram, Snapchat.

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