iLauncher for OS – Thousands of Themes and Wallpapers

By | 29/05/2021

Launcher 3 was the basis for the iLauncher for OS mod apk 13, a portable, robust, and smoother app. Making the OS 13 interface look cooler and more beautiful with a flat design.
Your phone will receive an entirely new look and experience with this application, allowing you to enjoy a new level of simplicity, elegance, and style!

The launcher application is being developed for the upcoming iPhone X sometime in 2017. Users who want to experience Apple Phone on their Android devices can use this launcher. The launcher app will allow you to make your Android phone look like OS 13 with a customized theme.

FEATURES of iLauncher For OS

  • Control Center:
  • There are two kinds of control centers in Launcher, one is the OS-style control center by default, and one is a classic style control center, which is configurable within Launcher.
  • Open Control Center by swiping down; Take a quick photo by setting WiFi, network, brightness, and volume.

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Various Themes

  • In our theme store, you can choose from thousands of themes, some of which offer an OS 13-like experience.
  • Additionally, we can create favorite apps’ icon packs for OS Style.

Latest Wallpaper and Icon Sets

Wallpaper Center is designed to provide a diverse collection of wallpapers, to offer rich icons for Phone X, and to provide a comprehensive experience

Powerful App Manager

You can find and install local apps using the App Manager. It can be accessed by swiping up.

Apple Style Folder

IOS Style Folders are designed, allowing you to drag apps together to create folders.

Weather and Time widget

Located on the left-hand side of the screen, weather and time widgets allow users to keep track of the weather and time.

Hide Apps

The home screen should be hidden for important apps. Open and hide your apps using this very sophisticated approach.


Decide for yourself the number of rows and columns of your launcher. You can also change the label of each app and replace the icon with your own image.

3D Touch

In the shortcut menu, you will find a convenient 3D Touch menu, which allows you to edit the title, add widgets, see a list of each app’s details, etc.

Screen Locker

In order to lock the screen by double-tapping it, the Locker App needs to be installed.

Less Permissions

The privacy of our users is very important to us, so it won’t ask for permission until the specific feature is used.

Using this permission, we will save the theme and wallpaper we downloaded, so that the system can use the downloaded wallpaper.

Adding new features is on our to-do list. Future releases will include new features that will be added step by step and the opportunity to provide feedback.

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