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By | 21/02/2022

The Fashion Star version of Hollywood Story Mod Apk is a famous dress-up Android simulation game. The Hollywood red carpet is always the dream of many girls. And this game allows players to simulate Hollywood superstars, dress up in different fashion clothes, and take part in various fashion parties.

Hollywood Story is a dress-up development game based on Hollywood, USA. Entering the Hollywood Hall of Fame is the wish of every star. It is easy to realize this wish.

You can play a role as a Hollywood superstar in the changed version of Hollywood Story, where the number of gold coins has been cracked and altered. To make everyone familiar, you can squander gold coins to buy the clothing and accessories that you want.

Through a series of fashion matches, you can easily walk through the grand banquets and win the audience’s attention. The game theme is exceptionally glamorous. If you like this software, you can download it at no cost here.

Hollywood Story is a little game for girls to make up and dress up. Girls think to become Hollywood superstars, they need to take part in various red carpet banquets. It is not a straightforward thing. Let’s start with dressing and helping your characters build their unique styles!

In the game, players need to click to receive the gift pack to get gold coins. As time goes by, players can continue to win gold coins. You can also use the gold coins you already have to buy clothes and accessories to fill the closet. And then you can change up as you like!

During the dressing process, if the clothes and accessories are not enough, you can continue to buy them. The game will show who can dress the best!


Interesting Characters

To play, the girls, after downloading the beautiful and light game on their mobile device have to create their avatar. From this point of view, it is possible to notice how the app maker has left a lot of vents to the imagination of users.

The elements to create the avatar are many. And each version of the eyes, hair, or vaults, body, are accompanied by different shades of color. The same goes for clothes. From this point of view, Nanobit.com has given carte blanche to the players since they will dress their avatar as they wish.

You must choose from many dresses, skirts, pants, and clothes of all kinds and gender. And each of these elements may have a different color than another. The creation of the avatar represents only the first part excellently created by Nanobit.com.

Attractive Challenges

After creating their character, the girls will observe with pleasure how life as a star is not simple. And how they have to work hard, albeit virtually, to achieve the desired success.

We start with simple jobs, which do not include other than increasing the level of popularity of the young diva who will have to work hard enough to become famous. The girls will have to face many missions, each one different from the other, thanks to which they will get greater visibility.

And therefore, they have a job that turns out to be better from every point of view, and that allows them to always approach more at the Red Carpet.

Social Life and Shopping

Besides the work, apart from which Nanobit.com has focused a lot on the aspect of daily life. The players will have to buy new objects, clothes, and more to make the life of their avatar much more comfortable.

Therefore, at the end of the work, you will be paid, and this money can be invested in new furnishings or preserved. Social life is an essential aspect of the game as it makes friends with the other characters of the game.

And those of the other players do is increase their level of popularity. You can also create a family and live your virtual life as you want.


The application, which has not yet reached the levels of revenues of other top apps in the sector, such as Candy Crush Saga or Clash of Clans, has remained anchored since its launch. It reaches the senior ten positions of the apps more profitable games on the Apple store and at the top 20 of Google Play (Android store).

However, on the Asian market, the game does not elicit favorable opinions also due to the absence of the diversified language and the excessive speed with which the energy necessary to play ends, with the consequence that continuous in-app purchases are required.

The game, aimed at a predominantly female audience, comprises creating a star, personalizing its style, living in a virtual world made of parties, meetings with other VIPs, and red carpets, trying to climb the peak of success.

This game’s success is also because of the exploitation of the image of Hollywood Story, or a VIP is well known among young people. This factor has allowed Nanobit.com not to invest colossal sums in advertising because the star itself is already an excellent promotion channel.

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